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Know Before You Go...

Bougainvilla of Jumby Bay gives off such an energetic spirit throughout the villa that it's as if the house itself knows that it is surrounded by paradise. Bougainvilla's three bedrooms are spread out between two levels, with a roomy kitchen and living room that make up the rest of it. When it comes to meals, Jumby Bay provides you with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with drinks like wine and cocktails -- cook in the kitchen only if you want to! The gardens are calming areas to relax in, and the beach is just beyond the property's backyard. You can get around on the villa's golf cart and make use of the Jumby Bay Resort amenities like the pools, tennis courts, or water sports (skiing and wakeboarding).

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As gorgeous and vibrant as its namesake, the Bougainvilla is a three-bedroom Caribbean getaway that is a popular choice for families. Terraced over beautiful Jumby Bay Beach, the beachfront villa offers relaxed luxury, tropical surroundings and exceptional amenities. With its quiet courtyard, the residence cultivates a serene sense of relaxation.

Outfitted with floor-to-ceiling doors to capture the cooling tradewinds and stunning ocean views, the main floor features a spacious master suite, guest bedroom with two twin beds, each with ensuite bathrooms. A staircase spirals up to a second floor, which presents a third bedroom. The well-appointed kitchen, comfortable living room, are complements to this 3,000 sq. ft. villa. An indoor and outdoor gardens are inviting in and of themselves.