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Know Before You Go...

Caribera is the villa to go to when your group is large and your vacation expectations are even larger.  It’s an 8-bedroom, 8-bath Yacht Club beach house that has size options just in case you don’t need all the space; but trust me, you’ll want to make use of every luxurious corner in this rental.  The pool deck is huge, with enough room for all 18 of your travel buddies to splash around and soak up the sun on, and it’s super easy to break away from the pack whenever you want with all of Rendezvous Beach right there. Your Caribera stay includes a full staff that is friendly and so caring, and you can even add on a private chef, to which I say, “Go for it!” That way your meals are guaranteed delicious, and you never have to think once about preparing them yourself. You can spend time focusing on more important things, like where you’re going to lounge around next–pool or beach?

Shawna , 214-350-6220 x9102

Caribera is an 8-bedroom Rendezvous villa, located within a stone's throw from the Caribbean Sea and offers great, slightly elevated views of St. Martin in the distance.

This comfortable villa is ideal for large groups or family gatherings. Caribera provides tremendous privacy with its spacious interior and casual spaces for dining and relaxation.

There is occupancy for up to 18 persons and a great ambience that all will love. There is adequate and scenic outdoor spaces, as well as experienced staff that caters to your every whim and desire.

The villa, which is a part of the Yacht Club Group of villas at Rendezvous Beach, comes with full staff, and guests have the option to rent it as a 5 or 8 bedroom.

Additional services for a private chef can also be arranged to meet the needs of families or groups.