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Know Before You Go...

Your next holiday should help you unwind like never before, and at Les Amis du Vent Villa, you will find the perfect atmosphere to ensure relaxation at every turn. Whether you use the time to reconnect with your special someone or you simply grab a book and head out to the beautiful clear water swimming pool, this is the place you want to be. Completely surrounded by lush tropical plants, this two-suite villa is the ideal couples' retreat. With an open, modern atmosphere throughout, as well as a gourmet kitchen, you will find the comfortable inside competing with the gorgeous atmosphere outside to gain your attention. No matter which one wins, you are certain to love this villa and the surrounding property.

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Unparalleled privacy!

The simple, natural beauty of the entrance to Les Amis masks the extraordinary hidden retreat beyond. As you descend the steps through a terraced garden of palms and flowering orange ixora, you soon realize that this is a villa like no other.

Before you, the three doors to the living room reveal an open space decorated in casual chic. Inviting sofas and a pleasing decor of seashells and orchids urge you to stay and rest. But you cannot stop there, for through the arched doorways that lead to the terrace, the greens and blues of the islands natural beauty lure you to step outside.

As you take in the view from the terrace, the clear water of the swimming pool competes for your attention with the turquoise of the sea beyond. Above, paille-en-queue birds chase one another across the sky. Below, sea turtles coming up for air make ripples in the placid waters of Marigot Bay. A sandy path beside the pool beckons you to grab one of the weathered walking sticks under the archway and explore the acres of land between the villa and the ocean. Located near the end of the peninsula that is home to the neighborhood of Mont Jean, Villa JAY offers privacy.

A marvelous sense of unrestricted flow from one space to another distinguishes Les Amis. The kitchen is a mere six steps from the living room, and yet the short distance can bring a complete change of mind. Suddenly you find yourself eager to cook, experiment with ingredients with equipment that even a top chef would envy. A six-burner grill-and-griddle Wolf range draws your attention, but the view from the window above the sink may win out. The dining area just outside will adapt to haute cuisine, lunchtime salads, or morning coffee-and-croissants.

To the left of the living room, a colonnade leads to the master bedroom and a second bedroom beyond. These two suites evoke Les Amis' particular Cote d'Azur aesthetic: sunlight illuminates cream-colored plaster walls as the ocean breeze lifts the gossamer curtains. Outside, grassy lawns and royal palms take the place of the typical Caribbean wooden deck. The third bedroom is a few steps up from the courtyard outside the kitchen.

The three bedrooms are equally well-appointed, with his-and-hers bathrooms as the distinguishing feature of the master bedroom suite. With subtle variations, each bath impresses in its own way: carved-stone vanities, rain-head showers, and walls of yellow marble. Each one offers the choice of indoor and outdoor showers, and arched windows provide them all with captivating views of the sea.

Downstairs, just steps from the garden and pool, you find an additional suite with a home theater and a well-equipped exercise room, each with its own full bath.