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The Hermitage Plantation is one of the oldest Nevis Hotels in operations, and, it is in fact more than a hotel, it is one of the oldest wooden houses in the Caribbean, with a very long tradition of welcoming guests to Nevis. This charming boutique hotel slumbers at 800 feet above sea level at the base of Nevis Peak, the 3000 foot, rainforest covered mountain, with the beautiful beaches of Nevis less than a 15 minute drive away from the hotel.

The great house was built around 1700 and has survived for two reason; firstly, the timbers were cut from the strong Nevis hardwood Lignum Vitae, the densest wood known, secondly, the house has always been in use, as a hotel, as an artist studio, as the head quarters for the Minister of Agriculture, as a rich planter’s home, as a poor planter’s home and, by the first occupant, as a barn.

Period furnishings, like antique china and oriental rugs, decorate the main house. The hotel bar is the setting for hours of conversation, tea is usually taken on one of the porches and the adjacent library allows quiet reflection, where one can meditate on how much and how little things have changed over time in Nevis. We still have the same traditions of service and hospitality, but now we listen to Bach and Puccini on an Ipod, with wireless internet access in a 300 year old house.

The guest rooms celebrate a style that is indigenous to Nevis; bright pastel colors, mahogany antiques, four poster beds and private verandahs, where the hotels guests relax and enjoy the tropical sounds of Nevis; the trade winds rustling the treetops, the doves cooing and the ting bellfrogs ringing in the soft evenings. At this elevation the temperature rarely moves below 75 degrees or above 85 degrees, year round, day or night. It is this astonishing micro-climate, coupled with a warm and friendly staff that makes the Hermitage one of the most special of the St Kitts and Nevis hotels.

Like all Nevis hotels we are proud of our uniqueness. We celebrate this history and take great pride in bringing visitors to Nevis. The Hermitage Plantation Inn is pleased to be a member of the St Kitts and Nevis Hotel and Tourism Association.