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Know Before You Go...

I think this villa would be perfect for two families, especially since the office can be used as a children's bedroom for 2. This villa is brand new, and the owners chose the location because of the beautiful views. It does overlook Juba Sound, which is a great view any time of day.

Andrew , 214-350-6220 x9104

Valhead has something for everyone. A pool for the active, a reading nook for the introverts, and a spacious sitting room for the chatterboxes. With triple floor to ceiling windows and three bedrooms with en suite facilities, everyone in your party is bound to love Valhead.

From the covered patio, you can see the whole island and keep an eye on anyone in the pool. At night, the patio and pool face the Caribbean sunset, which is a must-see for any island vacation. Surrounded by lush vegetation, you'll feel like you're in another world at Valhead.