Kensington Oval BarbadosKensington Oval Barbados

Is it Time for some Liming in Barbados?

If you enjoy good food, good drinks, and a good time, then you won’t find it hard to master the Barbadian art of “liming.” This unique island term is used to describe any leisurely activity that includes, food, drink, and the exchanging of stories with no real purpose other than…
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Shawna, Richard and Thom at NeckerShawna, Richard and Thom at Necker

How Richard Branson Bought Necker Island

If I asked you, “What does it take to buy an island?” what would your answer be? Money, right? Of course (and lots of it). That is definitely true. But here’s another something that you need in full abundance: guts, which is what Richard Branson had when he purchased Necker…
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JoJo, Turks and Caicos Most Famous Dolphin

When you spend time in the waters of Turks and Caicos, you're going to encounter the most amazing marine life, but you probably won't meet any creature as famous as the underwater socialite, JoJo. This Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin has a rare personality since he remains secluded from any other dolphin…
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Power Snorkeling in Grand Turk!

Underwater exploration is one of my many passions, so of course I jumped at the chance to give power snorkeling a try. Thom and I signed up for a tour with the company, Chukka, on Grand Turk. I honestly didn't know what to expect going in to the tour, which…
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View from the Venetian on Grace BayView from the Venetian on Grace Bay

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos: 2015's Number One Island!

Tripadvisor recently published their Traveler's Choice Top Ten Islands of 2015, and who should hold the leading spot but the Caribbean's very own Providenciales Island of Turks and Caicos! That's right, visitors have voted Providenciales as their number one island destination for 2015, and it’s no surprise to us. From…
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Zipping Over the Dominican at Cap Cana's Scape Park!

I’m a thrill seeker through and through, which is why on our last trip to the Dominican Republic, my buddy, Eric, and I went to one of my favorite spots on the island, Cap Cana’s Scape Park. We were both in the mood for some high-flying fun, so of course…
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Snorkeling On Barbados, Hop On A Catamaran

During our recent Barbados visit, Cole wanted to check out a tour offered through Action Charters. A friend of his spent a day on one of their cats earlier in the summer and could not stop raving about all that the tour offered. So of course the three of us…
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Surfing Freights Bay Barbados with Barry from

Learning to surf is practically a rite of passage for island frequenters and water fanatics everywhere, and for lessons in Barbados, I recommend checking out Barry's Surf School - Barry Banfield, a champion surfer and native Barbadian, and his wife, Christie, operate out of their surf shack on Dover…
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Diving with Dougie in Anguilla!

When we have a chance to go diving Thom and I almost always jump on it. And for diving trips in Anguilla, Doug "Dougie" Carty is the "go to" guy. Thom and I were recently on the island, and we both knew that at some point between villa visits, spear…
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Kite Surfing on Anguilla an unforgettable experience

Anguilla is an amazing vacation destination known for its beautiful beaches, luxury accommodations, and amazing food but did you know that it's also a popular spot for kitesurfing enthusiasts? Shawna and I usually like to relax when we getaway to the islands, but this time we brought our teenage son…
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Bonaire, holds a few surprisesBonaire, holds a few surprises

3 Amazing Caribbean Destinations You May Not Have Realized Existed

Think you know the Caribbean? There's a pretty good chance that despite being able to list off all of the most popular destinations one after another, you're missing out on a few hidden gems. Carriacou This island, located northeast of Grenada and west of Barbados, has an amazing cultural heritage.…
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