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Tipping in the Caribbean: An Island by Island Guide

Tipping can be one of the trickiest parts of travel— some regions won’t accept tips at all, whereas others will tack on additional fees until you’re bone-dry. The Caribbean is made up of several different cultures and islands, and our team at WhereToStay wants to clear up any misconceptions or…

Spoil Yourself in the Virgin Islands

With the crazy, calendar-filled lives we all have, a little pampering can go a long way. Especially if it happens in the idyllic Caribbean paradise we often only see as our desktop wallpaper. The US Virgin Islands have so much to offer. Whether you go for the bucolic St. Croix,…
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Top 9 Caribbean Bucket List Items - What’s Your #10?

Whether it’s a neatly organized Pinterest board, a scratched up legal pad list or a multi-page journal entry, most of us have crafted some sort life “wish list” of accomplishments we want to achieve before we kick the proverbial bucket. In our humble opinion, a bucket list just wouldn’t be…

Six Caribbean Islands - Six Family Friendly Ways to Enjoy Them!

Family vacations seem to have gotten more exciting since I was a kid. Though our annual 12-hour trek to the nearest beach was nothing short of monumental, today smaller world affords more realistic opportunities for family travel. Fleeing cold climates for a Caribbean escape is commonplace, and kid-friendly activities are…

Calicaribe Villa

Calicaribe is a private 3 bedroom 3 bathroom villa in Contant Point overlooking Cruz Bay and St. Thomas. This villa offers the finest in casual island living.