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Know Before You Go...®

Curacao is an island with so many options for accommodations and things to do that advance planning may mean the difference between relaxing vacations you'll talk about for years to come or other scenarios where maybe the rental property you were seeking wasn't available. Knowing what the accommodations are like so you can make educated decisions about whether to stay in a Curacao villa, a hotel, or a resort can make a big difference in how your trip rounds out. This site offers many tips about accommodations, activities, local services, transportation, etc.—all of which are geared to make your trip a happy success.

Why Curacao?

  • Curaçao Underwater Park
  • The Maritime Museum
  • Mikvé Israel-Emanuel, synagogue built in 1732
  • Hato Caves & Christoffel Mountain

Curacao Weather/Climate

Average Temperatures

Highs Lows
January 86 ° F 76 ° F
February 86 ° F 76 ° F
March 87 ° F 77 ° F
April 88 ° F 78 ° F
May 89 ° F 80 ° F
June 90 ° F 80 ° F
July 90 ° F 79 ° F
August 90 ° F 80 ° F
September 91 ° F 80 ° F
October 90 ° F 79 ° F
November 88 ° F 78 ° F
December 86 ° F 77 ° F

Average Rainfall

January 1.04
February 0.47
March 0.38
April 0.48
May 0.4
June 0.61
July 0.83
August 0.43
September 0.87
October 2.44
November 3.05
December 1.93

Transportation on Curacao

Getting to Curacao and getting around. Our transportation tips will help make your trip smoother. More good sand advice.

Entry Documents

Proof of citizenship (passport, birth certificate or voter registration card and photo ID) and return or ongoing ticket


Flights will either be from Miami, Atlanta or from nearby islands. There are also charter flights offered out of New York

Departure Tax



On the right - International driver's license required for car rentals.

Curacao Weddings and Honeymoons

Vacationers don't just stay in Curacao villas - they come to paradise to get married and celebrate their honeymoons! Not the most popular place to marry since one of you must be a resident of Curacao. Applications for license are made on Wednesdays only and it takes two weeks to get the license.Cost: Free to US$4.00Documents Required: Birth certificate and Certificate

Know Before You Go...® - Curacao Travel Tips

Before making their way to Curacao villas, vacationers like to know a little bit of helpful information to make them feel more at home during their stay. Take a look at our travel tips to make your time in villas in Curacao even more relaxing.

Capital: Willemstad
Population: 148,000
Size: 180 square miles
Electric Current: 110/130
Time: 11:09 am zone:-4 (GMT/UTC -4)
Official Language: Dutch; English and Spanish are spoken as well
Currency: Netherlands Antillean Florin (NAFl); US currency excepted everywhere
Topography: arid and flat with divi divi trees, cacti and spiny-leafed aloes dotting its rocky landscape
Telephone: Local area code is 5999. From the U.S. dial 011-5999 plus the local number