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Dominica is home to three national parks including the Morne Trois Piton National Park that is the only natural world heritage site in the Eastern Caribbean. With the rainforests, volcanoes, and waterfalls around Dominica, hiking and climbing are top attractions. You can rent a villa in Dominica that is close to these attractions to give you more time to explore the natural wonders around you.

If you want to relax, there are an abundance of spas on Dominica that offer natural products made on the premises for their treatments. You can spend your day away from your Dominica villa easing your tensions with a polarity session, or an aromatherapy massage on the beach. And, of course, the biggest attractions in the Caribbean are the amazing sunsets. Treat your group to a sunset cruise to see a Dominica sunset like you'll never see again.

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Adventures in Dominica (Snorkeling/Diving) - Dominica

Dominica (pronounced dom-in-ee-ka) is known as "the Nature Island" for good reason: this small island boasts an unspoiled rainforest, volcanic hot springs, 365 rivers and countless waterfalls. Dominica has three National Parks, one of which (the Morne Trois Piton National Park) was enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. It is the only natural world heritage site in the Eastern Caribbean.
A mountainous island, Dominica rises dramatically to almost 5,000 feet above sea level. The island is mostly rural, uncrowded, and unspoiled. At least 60% of this nature paradise is still covered by lush tropical rainforest and other verdant vegetation. Water is one of the island's most abundant natural resources. Numerous rivers gush out of the mountains to create spectacular waterfalls (among them Middleham, Victoria, Trafalgar and Sari Sari Falls), emerald pools at the base of the falls, and dramatic gorges, such as Titou Gorge.
Dominica is a mecca for the adventure traveler with dozens of water activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, whale & dolphin watching and kayaking. There are also a host of other tours and activities ranging from bird watching and hiking to jeep/ATV safaris and mountain bike treks. For the rugged hiker, a trip to the Boiling Lake, one of the world’s largest actively boiling lake, is a must.


All natural (Spa) - Dominica

Pamper yourself with our all natural face and body products.
Learn how and help organically grow the all natural ingredients used in these hand made products used by you while at Picard Beach Wellness Eco Cottages.


Atlantic crossing solar powered (Lessons) - Dominica

1st ever 100% solar powered trans Atlantic crossing is following the route taken by Columbus is due to arrive in Waitikubuli (Dominica) in late november 2006.


Dive Fest (Festival) - Dominica

 Dates: 07/11/2008 to 07/20/2008

The festival celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with numerous events for novice and professional divers. Check their website for more details.


Drive through volcano (Sightseeing) - Dominica

Waitikubuli is known for the largest number of active volcano's on earth. We have three drive through volcano sites where you drive through the crater, can step out and get into and touch them.
The Morne O Diable is a short and extremely photogenic drive from Picard Beach Wellness Eco Cottages. Green ventures offers exclusive Land Rover tours


Joe's Guesthouse (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Dominica
Joe's Guesthouse

Joe's Guesthouse is suitable for all visitors looking for an adventure within the Caribbean island of Trinidad.
It is located in the northern peninsula of Trinidad, which is close to the capital city and shopping malls. Our rental consists of a 2 bedroom suite,a bathroom, a kitchen and also a breathtaking view of the mountain range.
In addition the guesthouse is also very close to astonishing beauties of nature that is found in this exclusive island of Trinidad. Your selection of a nearby waterfall is just breathtaking.... with a 15 minutes walk away. And despite its quiet location, the area is within a 10 minute drive of several restaurant and supermarkets.
It only takes five to ten minutes from:


Kitesurfing (Lessons) - Dominica

Dominican Republic’s North Coast offers the perfect mix of water, waves and wind making this the kiteboarding capital of the world. Using a board and the power of a large controllable kite, the surfer relies on wind and heavy gusts to propel him over the water and waves. This is one of the fastest growing water sports. If you’re a beginner, you won’t have any trouble finding experienced kitesurfers offering instruction. Die-hard kitesurfers from around the world meet annually at Cabarete Beach to compete in the World Cup Windsurfing Championship, the largest kitesurfing event in the world.


Organic Farming (Lessons) - Dominica

While on waitikubuli join the saturday morning organic farming classes at Picard Beach Wellness Eco Cottages. They are held by Sharon Jones MPhil. of Natural botanicals
She has over 20 years of experience as an agricultural researcher and is an organic farm inspector.


Pirates secret beach and copper treasure cave (Sightseeing) - Dominica

Sail, Snorkel and Discover. Win a prize t shirt of the black pearl if youre the first to find the treasure cave and the copper treasure.


Polarity therapy (Spa) - Dominica

Free flowing life energy is the basis for health and wellness. Polarity bodywork, a blend of both eastern and western concepts of health, is based on the principles of energy that causes tension, pain and lack of wellness.


Reflexology, Aromatherapy massage. (Health Club) - Dominica

Enjoy what the executives of the Pirates of the Caribbean enjoyed; Reflexology, Aromatherapy massage on the beach or in our forest.
This was just one reason the chose to stay at Picard beach Wellness Eco Cottages while filming Dead Man's Chest. Call: 767 445 5142 e-mail:


Sailing party cruise (Festival) - Dominica

Come join the fun on our 65 foot sailing catamaran.
767 275 1804 OR (767)445 5142


SNORKEL (Beach) - Dominica

Take only 5 strides from your beach cottage to snorkel or scuba dive on our reef.
That's just one reason why Gore Verbinski and the other executives chose to make Picard Beach Wellness Eco Cottages thier home while filming Pirates of the Caribbean II & III.


Sunset Sailing Encounter (Tours/Excursions) - Dominica

Every Wednessday, Saturday and sunday toast wine to the green flash while sailing the harbour on trans atlantic record breaker 65 foot sailing catamaran.
This was the favorite relaxation of the cast and crew during the filming of pirates of the Caribbean "Dead Man's Chest"
The executives stayed at during the months of febuary to june 2005.


Tropical Garden tour (Parks/Gardens) - Dominica

Reset your circadian rythm.
Be emersed in your own botanical garden.
"Be" one with nature
Be put to sleep by the lapping waves on the sandy shore and awoken by the fluttering wings of a hummingbird.
See why we have kept the indegenous plants and trees. Discover the coastal woodland and beachfront wildlife on the Self guided Flora and fuana tour.


Waitikubuli (Beach) - Dominica

While on the Whale and dolphin research safari on transatlantic record breaker 65 foot sailing catamaran, we saw 3 sperm whales and wrote a post card which we sent via international mail. As true pirates of the caribbean we put it in our empty wine bottle and sent it off.


Whale & Dolphin Watching (Tours/Excursions) - Dominica

Be part of our whale research program. Help curb the effects noise pollution is having on Dominica's whales. Why Motor when you can Sail?

For the resident whales help us monitor behavior, record new offspring, numbers, visiting Males etc.

Other whales sighted are Orcas, Pseudo Orcas,
Pilot whales, Dwarf Sperm whales, Beaked,
Spotted and Spinner Dolphins.


Whales and Dolphins (Tours/Excursions) - Dominica

Take part in year round whale and dolphin research safaris off Waitikubuli. Waitikubuli is the true (indegenous) name of our island, given by the Kalinago (Carib) people. Translated Wai=tall, Ti=is, ku=her, buli=body. Is the worlds best known nursery for sperm and other toothed whales because her tall body and deep foundation provide ideal conditions for mating, giving birth and nursing. Yet the the adult females are able to feed at depths >2000 feet.


World Creole Music Festival (Live Show) - Dominica

Join the worlds latgest Creole Music festival.
Creole Music at sea...Sailing cruise
Creole in the North


Yoga (Spa) - Dominica

Be at one with nature.
Yoga classes in our private forest or on the beach.
call 767 445 5142