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Grenada Local Attractions

What to do in Grenada

Grenada is part of the island group that makes up the Lesser Antilles and Windward Islands. It is a mountainous island with many natural wonders for guests to explore. When you tire of sitting around the pool at your villa or want to get away from the hustle of other rental accommodations, take a ride to the west coast of Grenada to visit the Concord Waterfalls. Here you can hike the trails, then take a dip in one of the natural pools to cool off. For a truly unique experience, see Grenada from a Segway. This modern mode of transportation takes the aching feet out of sight-seeing. Once back in your villa, you can relax and recount the escapades of the day.


Grenada Attractions Map


Local Attractions


Concord Waterfalls (Sightseeing) - Grenada

The Concord Waterfalls are 3 Waterfalls in the area of St. John at the West Coast of Grenada.

The first one you can acess by car and you can swim in a beautiful nature pool, for the other two you have to hike alittle bit.

There are changing facillitys and toiletts.


Fish Friday (Festival) - Grenada


The Fish Friday is in the small fisherman village of Gouyave at the West Coast of Grenada.

Every Friday evening two roads in Gouyave will be closed for and the vendors sell there diffrent varietys of fish. Like fish kebap, fish pocket, jacks, fryed fish, fish pizza ....

Nice event every fish lover should visit.


Grenada Beaches (Beach) - Grenada


Grenada's geographical features have made beautiful, paradise beaches all over the island. The mountainous landscape of Grenada just adds to the picturesque beach view. Sand in the beaches of Grenada comes in white and black. The water, marine life, and coral gardens are so vibrant and lively.

If you want to experience the finest beach attraction of Grenada, try going southwest of the island. The Grand Anse has a long shore line covered with pearly-white sand. Hotels and restaurants in this place are superb and architecturally designed to fit the tropical surrounding of Grenada. As the local law states, buildings can not be taller that the palm trees grown near the beaches.

It is not only Grand Anse that brings tourists to Grenada.There are several outstanding beaches waiting to be discovered by visitors. Some of these best beaches are:

-Black Bay Beach -accessible via a 20 minute hike from the Western Main Road ,

-Devils Bay (Trou Jab)-Beach Black Sand,

-Dusquene Bay Black Sand-Petrolglyphs on beach,

-Grand Anse Beach White Sand Beach,

-L'Esterre Bay Beach-easily accessible from land, this beach is reportedly the most popular beach on the island.

-Morne Rouge (BBC) Beach-white Sand Beach,

-Parc a Boeuf (Grooms Beach) -White Sand Beach,

-Portici Beach-white Sand Beach.


Grenada Seafari Eco-Tour (Tours/Excursions) - Grenada

Lots to see

The highlight of our first holiday in Grenada was the Seafaris trip. It was a most enjoyable morning for both myself and my husband. Howard (the owner and pilot of the boat) and Albert (the snorkelling guide) were really helpful and informative whilst we were on the boat and were obviously very passionate about the ecology of the island and its surrounding waters.

The ride itself was super as we whizzed along and had a couple of stops for information about the island - land and marine. The main stop for snorkelling was at the undersea sculpture park.

The equipment and the help given by Howard and Albert were superlative. I am not an experienced snorkeler, but the guidance around the sculptures from Albert was marvellous. As you are not one of a huge group, it is really peaceful. My husband, a non-snorkeler, enjoyed his stay on the boat whilst I was in the water, and was a mine of information about the sculptures and environs later. We were the only people to be seen for miles around at that time.

I would say that this trip is not for those who want a rum drinking trip on a vessel with 100 other punters who moor up with several other boats for overcrowded and unassisted snorkelling (Seafaris are limited to 12 people). But IT IS for those who rate safety, assistance and excellent equipment along with lots of enjoyment.

We wish Howard, Suzanne (his wife, who picked us up from our hotel) and little Sam well in their business


Theresa's Backyard Garden (Tours/Excursions) - Grenada

Welcome To The Garden

Theresa's Backyard Garden

'We grow what we eat... and eat what we grow'

Theresa's backyard garden boasts yams, dasheen, bananas, parsley and thyme, lemon grass, black sage and nutmeg.

Many of the fruits and vegetables grown in the garden are native to Grenada. others came from far off places as Tahiti, Brazil, Asia, Hawaii and West Africa.

Come and see, touch and taste a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are an important part of our local daily culinary and medicinal traditions.