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St. Thomas, USVI

St. Thomas, USVI Local Attractions

What to do in St. Thomas, USVI

Away from your private villa rental, St. Thomas does not lack for things to do. It's the busiest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, and that's because there are tons of attractions to see and explore. The town of Charlotte Amalie is where you'll find a lot of action, but be sure to go beyond that and check out places like Bluebeard's Castle, Bolongo Bay Beach, or the Coral World Ocean Park. There's also snorkeling, scuba diving, shopping, museums, and even an amusement park on St. Thomas. St. Thomas villas make all these activities easily accessible from your home base while on vacation.


St. Thomas, USVI Attractions Map


Local Attractions


99 Steps (Buildings/Structures) - St. Thomas, USVI

99 Steps

These steps were built in the 1700s, by the Danes. Historians believe these steps, along with many others that rise from the Charlotte Amalie harbor, were actually a result of bad planning on the part of Danish engineers who had never been to St. Thomas. The bricks used to build the steps were brought from Denmark in the hulls of sailing ships. (The 99 steps are in truth 103 steps.)

At the top of the steps sits an old Fort (now part of the Inn at Blackbeard's). The view is the reason it was built there, so Danish soldiers could keep an eye out for enemy ships and protect Fort Christian from attacks. It is a National Historic Site and considered to be one of the oldest buildings on St. Thomas. The name Blackbeard refers to Edward Teach, a pirate who is said to have frequented the islands and spent quite a bit of time around the tower.


99 Steps

BOSS Underwater Adventures (Tours/Excursions) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 777 3549
BOSS Underwater Adventures

B.O.S.S. is an acronym for Breathing Observation Submersible Scooter.

BOSS is a unique and very exciting underwater motor scooter which works with the bell theory. Remember in school when you would turn a glass upside down in a sink of water and no water would enter the glass? It's the same concept with the BOSS unit. As we descend you, a seal is formed and you are dry inside the bubble!

Location: Crown Bay Marina.


BOSS Underwater Adventures

Magens Bay (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Magens Bay

Magen's Bay is a favorite in St. Thomas. Three miles north of the capital and lying between two mountains, located at the end of tree-shaded Route 35 on St. Thomas' north shore, boasts pristine turquoise water and white sand. Magen's Bay has been noted as one of the most beautiful in the world. Great for swimming and convenient, too -- parking, lifeguards, equipment rental, restaurants, bars, freshwater showers. Gates open daily from 6 am to 6 pm. Admission is $1 per person and $1 per car.

Deeded to the island as a public park, this beach has made many of the world's "most beautiful" lists. It's as breathtaking when seen from the perspective of the road above, as from the shore or from the warm and clear waters. You may see couples getting married at the shoreline as well as family picnickers around a table.

One inside tip for those seeking seclusion is to make your way to the western end of the beach. It is less crowded and offers some of the better snorkeling opportunities at Magens Bay. Of course, to take in the full beauty of this place, step back and watch how the perfect waters are framed by green mountainous peaks on the east and west horizons.


Megans Bay

All Saints Anglican Church (Church) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 774 0217
All Saints Anglican Church

Built in 1848 from stone quarried on the island, the church has thick, arched window frames lined with the yellow brick that came to the islands as ballast aboard ships. Merchants left the brick on the waterfront when they filled their boats with molasses, sugar, mahogany, and rum for the return voyage. The church was built in celebration of the end of slavery in the USVI.


Atlantis Adventures (Amusement Park) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 776 5650
Atlantis Adventures

This unique tour enables guests to view the exciting underwater world from our state of the art submarine, Atlantis XV. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, the submarine provides an intimate view of abundant varieties of sea life through large view ports. You will see small colorful reef fish darting in and out of coral and larger predator fish; perhaps even a glimpse of a shark! Other possible sightings include turtles, lobster and stingrays. An informative and experienced co-pilot will accompany you with an informative narration of the ecosystem.



Blue Island Divers & Water Sports (Snorkeling/Diving) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 774 2001
Blue Island Divers & Water Sports

For your surface interval Blue Island Water Sports offers a range of activities such as, Sailing, Kayak Eco tours, Snorkeling, Peddle boats and Windsurfing. Or if you are ready to relax our beach location on Lindburgh bay is the ideal place to kick back and enjoy the sea sun and sand.

Take advantage of kayak rentals or sail our trimaran to the local coral reef for a snorkel a great way to spend your surface interval.

Here you can also experience the underwater world for the first time, with our Discover Scuba program. You will learn in a stress free environment at the beautiful tropical beach before taking the short boat ride to the coral reef for your first scuba dive under the close supervision of our professional instructors.



Blue Marlin Tournament (Fishing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 9500
Blue Marlin Tournament

"Thank you for participating in our tournaments and for your support of the Boy Scouts of America. As you can see, we are hard at work developing a year-round venue for competitive fishermen. Our goal is to create a global platform that will focus the spotlight on the best anglers in the sport.

It's important to note that each leg of a tournament series is an "Open" meaning that an individual leg can be entered (and all prizes won with the exception of the "Best Series Angler" prize) by local boats in the area. Therefore we list each leg's entrance fee separately.

Finally, please note that the BSA receives 20% of all pots with the exceptions of our "Last Day Shootout" (15%) and those events that are operated by another tournament operator.

Have a great tournament season and may the best anglers win!"

Capt. Jimmy Loveland

Announcing - 5th Annual


BAHAMAS OPEN - Inside "ABC" Boat Harbour, Abaco - June 10 - 13

BERMUDA OPEN - Hamilton Bermuda - July 6, 7, 8

USVI OPEN - St. Thomas, Virgin Islands - Aug. 13, 14, 15, 17


VENEZUELA OPEN - Inside Intl. La Guaira "Shootout" April 9, 10, 12


WILD CARD LEG - Anegada & Virgin Gorda, BVI - Aug. 9, 10.

USVI OPEN - Inside ABMT "Boy Scout" - Aug. 13, 14, 15, 17



St Thomas Fishing, USVI - Blue Marlin

Blue Tang Yacht Charters (Snorkeling/Diving) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 776 9070
Blue Tang Yacht Charters

Come aboard the 51-foot SeaRay® Blue Tang and experience luxury and adventure. Island-hop while enjoying great food, snorkeling and a yacht full of fun. You’ll be served a breakfast of freshly baked breads, pastries and fruit. Lunch features tender Caribbean seafood and cocktails poured from top-shelf liquors. Visit picturesque Sandy Spit or The Indians. Go snorkeling using top-rated equipment. Continue on to Jost Van Dyke, a great locale to break out the champagne. "With a maximum of 6 guests, you’re assured personal attention and plenty of room. Contact us to charter your perfect day."


Bluebeard's Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Bluebeard's Beach

Bluebeard's Beach is located east of town on Bolongo Road. If you are looking for a romantic hideaway, this is definitely a beach to consider. It runs along a natural cove. It is a pretty stretch framed by blooming bougainvillea and other tropical foliage where iguanas play hide-and-seek with visitors. The hotel's on-premise seaside eatery has restroom facilities. Seas are basically calm and snorkeling is best by the rock at the far end of the beach. Water sports shack has all the basic seaworthy toys.


Bluebeard's Beach

Bluebeard's Castle & Frederiksberg (Historic Sites) - St. Thomas, USVI

Bluebeard's Castle & Frederiksberg

Located on Bluebeards Hill, east of Charlotte Amalie, is Bluebeard's Castle. Local stories state that the structure was built by the pirate Bluebeard for his love Mercedita, however this is no more than a story. The Danes actually built the stone tower around 1689 as a supplementary watchtower to aid the defenses of Fort Christian. It was called Frederik's Fort when originally constructed and is actually on the site of a fortification the first colonists to the island had started. Today the tower is incorporated into Bluebeard's Castle Hotel.

Also incorporated into the hotel is Frederiksberg. In 1818 the colonial government sold the watchtower and surrounding lands to a merchant and in the 1820's the large residence of Frederiksberg was constructed. While the hotel has changed it somewhat; the columned portico, staircase and parts of the interior retain the original look. Part of the interior is used as the hotel lobby.


Bolongo Bay Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Bolongo Bay Beach

Located east of town on Bolongo Road. The sand is a little coarse here but it is beautiful. A barrier reef at the inlet provides continual surf to watch and listen to and slows the surf entering the bay. Thanks to the proximity and popularity of the Bolongo Hotel and its colorful beachfront eateries, this location offer the convenience of restrooms, watersports operations, and a private dock affords day sails and sunset sails. Information on joining a sail is available at the friendly on-premise gift shop. The volleyball court is a great place to meet up with regulars and tourists. Taxis are available at the hotel entrance.


Brewer's Bay (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Brewer's Bay

Located on the west end, across from the entrance to the Reichold Center for the Arts. The beach is literally part of the UVI campus, and the academic facility maintains the natural wonder.

Facilities are at a bare minimum here. Keep in mind that taxis do not frequent the area either. Drivers park along the brief 2-lane roadway.

On weekends (and sometimes during the week in high season) vendors offer refreshments. In spite of it's lack of amenities, a large sandy beach and usually calm seas offer a perfect spot to swim, relax and soak up the sun.


Near the campus of the University of the Virgin Islands, this peaceful spot livens up on the weekend and often has tasty local food available from vendors. During the week while locals are at work, it's a great place to relax and swim in tranquil seas.


Brewer's Bay, St. Thomas USVI

Charter Boat Center, Inc. (Motor Boats) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 7990
Charter Boat Center, Inc.

You and your guests will have a sensational vacation on one of our most popular private yachts. You will be discovering our magical blue waters of the Caribbean, while swimming or snorkeling through reefs full of exotic tropical fish. Enjoy building a sandcastle on a deserted island or taking a snooze in the shade on the deck as you sail into the sunset.


Chris Sawyer Dive Center (Snorkeling/Diving) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 7320
Chris Sawyer Dive Center

If you are interested in St. Thomas or Virgin Islands scuba diving, the Chris Sawyer Diving Center is a PADI 5-Star facility offering excellent reef and wreck diving, referral dives, dive packages and instruction right here in America.

"I am proud to say that 27 years after I started the Chris Sawyer Diving Center, it is the largest and most successful dive operation on St. Thomas, and maybe in all the Virgin Islands. My approach has always been service, service, service. Combine that with concern for your comfort and safety and you know why I'm still around. Now for your convenience, we have several locations: American Yacht Harbor, Wyndham Sugar Bay and our newest location, Caneel Bay on St. John."


Clinton Phipps Race Track (Horse Racing) - St. Thomas, USVI

Clinton Phipps Race Track

"March 28, 2008 -- The newly renovated Clinton E. Phipps Race Track will host eight big pre-Carnival races this Sunday, and for the first time in some years local residents will be able to bet on their favorite horse.

All bets start at a minimum of $2. Residents can bet on the win, finishing place, the exactor or the trifector.

The race card promises to be one of the best of the year, culminating at 4:30 p.m. around the one-mile feature race. Former St. Thomas champ Kentucky Kris is looking to come back from two consecutive losses, and will have a tough time battling against the highly touted Natural Phenomenon and the dark horse in the race, Bird Charm, making its St. Thomas debut. The race purse is $4,000. "


Clinton Phipps Race Track, St. Thomas USVI

Coki Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Coki Beach

This exquisitely beautiful cove offers excellent scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. With Thatch Key just across the Leeward Passage, Coki Beach offers some of the prettiest panoramas on the island. The pristine beach has an on-premise dive shop. Brightly painted stalls, beach bars and food stands add local color to this stretch, as does the fact that Coki Beach is among the locals' favorites. Amenities include changing and rest rooms, snack stands, friendly bars and even hair-braiding services. Taxis are usually on hand and the proximity to Coral World, a unique underwater park, is an added plus.


Coki beach - St. Thomas USVI

Coral World Ocean Park (Parks/Gardens) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 1555
Coral World Ocean Park

This air conditioned undersea Observatory takes you 100 feet offshore and 15 feet beneath the sea in the middle of a living coral reef. From the observatory's bottom level you have the unique opportunity to stay dry and watch totally non-captive fish and other marine creatures as they go about their daily activities on the reef unaware of your presence. During the twice daily feedings, watch hundreds of fish engulf the diver outside the observatory.

Located on Coki Point, Coral World Ocean Park will bring you literally face to face with what once was only the underworld of Caribbean marine life. Touch a shark. Hand-feed a stingray. Take a "sea trek" along the floor of the sea and observe multi-colored schools of fish swim in front of your eyes!


SNUBA Diving at Coral World, St. Thomas USVI

Cowpet Bay Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Cowpet Bay Beach

Cowpet is a great little beach with crystal clear water. It offers a peaceful ambiance yet is well developed, this provides a unique atmosphere of quiet charm and convenience to restaurants, bars, gift shop and watersports. Lined with coconut trees Cowpet is a nice choice. The water is usually very calm. The central swimming area is sandy, with rocky areas on the sides. Good snorkeling is to be found along the rocks. There are several great restaurants in the area for enjoying lunch and drinks. Cowpet is a favorite with frequent island visitors.


Cynthia's Portrait Art (Art Gallery) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 690 1633
Cynthia's Portrait Art

For the first time ever, Cynthia's Portrait Art's unmatched-style is available in the US Virgin Islands. Cynthia’s Portrait Art’s Virgin Islands' photographic team—hand-selected by owner Cynthia Stalker—has the highest standard of artistic impression coupled with a technical expertise that allows them to create elegant, yet spontaneous wall portraits that will captivate you each time you walk into the room.

Cynthia’s Portrait Art Virgin Islands documents your family by employing photography that is both art-based and photojournalistic in style, creating stunning portraits that tell the emotional story of your family’s relationships. This is not a standard portrait but a piece of art of your family. Your triptych¹ will artfully preserve the beauty, romance and happiness of your momentous vacation by gracefully directing the session with an unobtrusive, photojournalistic-style.

Call to schedule your intimate portrait session. We’ll come directly to your beach, resort, yacht or special location. Try something entirely different on this vacation! Choose an excursion that you will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime; an intimate experience that will capture forever, the magic of the islands, and the footprint you leave behind. Bring home more than a tan, bring home a piece of art!

Discover the fresh, exuberant style of Cynthia’s Portrait Art Virgin Islands, and your vacation memories will be unforgettable and as uncommon and unique as you and your family.


CYOA Yacht Charters (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

800 944 2962
CYOA Yacht Charters

CYOA Yacht Charters has been sailing the U.S. and British Virgin Islands since 1980! We are Virgin Islands Specialists. So whether you're a novice or an experienced sailor, let us plan a charter vacation that is fun and affordable.


Daysail Fantasy (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

3340 775 5652
Daysail Fantasy

Sail to the St. John National Park and surrounding cays. Swim, snorkel, beach comb, or just relax under a shade awning. Avoid the crowds ~ personal attention given to no more than 6 guests.

Enjoy scenic sailing in protected, near shore waters and calm bays. A gourmet lunch is served in the shaded cockpit. Enjoy Pam's famous Bloody Marys and Rum punches.


Daysail High Pockets (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 715 2812
Daysail High Pockets

Join Captain Kathleen, a Registered Nurse and gourmet cook, for an outstanding day aboard the classic elegant yacht, High Pockets. Featuring spectacular sightseeing under sail, amazing snorkeling in secluded coves. Amenities include quality snorkel gear with expert instruction, sumptuous lunch and a thirst quenching open bar. Sailing St. Thomas, St. John and the Virgin Islands National Park with no more than six guests. "Private parties welcomed. Wedding proposal, anniversary, birthday... we specialize in the celebration of great occasions and the every day!"


Do It In Style Charters (Motor Boats) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 513 7328
Do It In Style Charters

Whether with family and friends or just with that special someone they will help you design a perfect getaway and give you the best of what St. Thomas and St. John has to offer in power boat rentals, yacht charters, snorkeling and even fishing charters.

Do it in Style Charters will give you a stylish yet affordable yacht charter, snorkeling trip or just a great sight seeing power boat rental every time.

Great deals and memorable trips to all levels of the power boat rental industry here in St. Thomas and St. John Virgin Islands.


Dorothea Bay Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Dorothea Bay Beach

Dorothea Bay has a very tropical atmosphere; lush green hills surround the wind blown beach. It is usually scarcely populated to unpopulated. You will find medium to rough surf with the beach mostly small pebbles and rocks.

Waves crash against the rocky coast and palm trees sway in the strong ocean breeze creating a seemingly intense beach scene, however the atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and is perfect for dreaming, thinking or meditating. A small residential condo development is located on the beach. No amenities are available.


Double Header Sportfishing (Fishing) - St. Thomas, USVI

Double Header Sportfishing

Over 25 years experience! Located in beautiful Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Bring your camera, you will catch fish!

Half Day 3/4 Day & Full Day Charters Available. Specializing in Live Bait fishing.


Elysian Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Elysian Beach

Elysian Beach is located on the east end at Route 322, branching off Route 30 in Red Hook. At the Elysian Beach Resort sits this gem of a water sports destination. Head out in a sunfish and go exploring or relax under a palm tree on this snow-white beach. Perhaps the only drawback is a bit of a rocky bottom at the water's edge. Bonnie's by the Sea is adjacent to the beach and welcomes beachgoers to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, and refreshments in a casual atmosphere seven days a week.


Frederick Lutheran Church (Church) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 776 1315
Frederick Lutheran Church

Built in 1820 in a combination of neo-classical and gothic revival architecture, this historic church retains much of its original character. Gracious steps and an arched door way greet visitors. The church has an elaborate bell tower, lovely stained glass windows and other historical features that date to the days when Denmark owned the Virgin Islands. Since the Lutheran Church was then the Danish state church, the governor often filled in for the minister. Visitors are welcome to tour the church and attend Sunday services. There is no admission charge.


Fury Sailing Charters (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 643 7733
Fury Sailing Charters

Swim with the turtles on one of our day sails, enjoy a cocktail on a romantic sunset cruise, or charter the boat privately. You will be sure to leave with memories that last a lifetime. Come aboard and take the helm with Fury Charters, St. Thomas.


Gallery St. Thomas (Art Gallery) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 777 6363 or Toll Free 877 797 6363
Gallery St. Thomas

Gallery St. Thomas features original paintings, wood sculpture, ceramics, photographs, prints and many items for memorable gifts from Virgin Islands and Caribbean-inspired artists.

The islands’ spirit is beautifully captured in the work of the late David Millard, of Joy of Watercolor fame; native wood artist Avelino Samuel; island scenes by Teri Jones and collectible newcomer Gregory Samuel; photographers Gary Felton and Steve Simonsen; and well-known painters such as William Stoehr, Aimee Trayser, Kimberly Boulon, and John Holub.

Voted #1 for Best Local Art in the Virgin Islands.


Grand Bay Palace Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Grand Bay Palace Beach

Located on Smith Bay Road, north east shore. Formerly the Renaissance Resort Beach, the beach offers a dramatic view of St. John. The locale is notably breezy-if not downright windy- with appropriate water sports facilities to take advantage of the wind and surf. New owners of this vacation destination have been concentrating on promoting the venue as "all inclusive" and exclusive for paying guests but Virgin Islands beaches are, by law, open to the public.


Historic Hassel Island Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Tour (Historic Sites) - St. Thomas, USVI

(340) 779-2155
Historic Hassel Island, the Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands Ecotours are known for their fun & educational kayak tours of St Thomas' Mangrove Lagoon kayak tours and also as being the only Kayak tour operator that operates entirely inside St John's Virgin Islands National Park with the favorite tour at Caneel Bay, www.viecotours.com.

Now, VI Ecotours offers visitors the option to visit St Thomas' most exciting cultural treasure with daily tours to HISTORIC HASSEL ISLAND of which 95% owned by the Virgin Islands National Park from their new location at the Frenchtown Marina in downtown Charlotte Amalie less than five minutes drive from the cruise ship docks.

Three hour Kayak, Hike & Snorkel tours are now departing daily from Frenchtown Marina and are the only way to visit this Historic Island within the Virgin Islands National Park.

http://www.viecotours.com, Reservations are required. (340) 779.2155

Historic Hassel Island has a long and fascinating military history with the many countries that have owned the Virgin Islands during the past five hundred years and an even more ancient history of the indigenous peoples that inhabited Hassel Island before the settlement by the Europeans.

Here is a description of the 3 hour


Kayak from Frenchtown to Historic Hassel Island, VI National Park! Paddle past Danish and British Colonial ruins and Careening Cove. A ten minute hike brings you to Fort Willoughby, a British Fort from the Napoleonic era. Visit the Garrison House and the Creque Marine Railway. Snorkel at a quiet beach, enjoy a cool dip or relax in the shade. Two person easy to paddle sit-on-top kayaks.

VI Ecotours donates part of the proceeds in the name of each guest to the FRIENDS of the Virgin Islands National Park, www.friendsvinp.org (see below) and each guest will receive a complimentary one year membership to this active non-profit organisation which supports the VI National Park.

Daily 3 hour tours depart at 8:30 am and 1:30 pm from Frenchtown Marina. info@viecotours.com www.viecotours.com Phone (340) 779-2155


Hull Bay (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Hull Bay

Located on the north shore at the end of Hull Bay Road, just west of Magens Bay. Great beach with a restaurant and a place to rent kayaks. A relatively quiet beach (except during fishing tournaments) this northern shore bas serves as a local anchorage. The rougher waters at the bay's western tip attract surfers. Along the shaded beach the water is usually placid and pleasant. You can usually find parking near the water's edge-except on weekends in season.

Although serious surfing is a relative rarity on St. Thomas, when you hear the words "Surf's Up" you can bet the cry is coving from Hull Bay. The beach is rocky but generally appealing to outdoor types. Bring the kids and the dogs. Taxis are usually not available. Hull Bay Hideaway is right there with convenient restrooms and a casual beach bar restaurant featuring famous "Arthur burgers." If you want a 'stay all day' hangout, this is it!


International Rolex Regatta (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 6320
International Rolex Regatta

International Rolex Regatta weekend in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a high point for many yachtsmen and yachtswomen from around the world. Known as the "Crown Jewel of the Caribbean" it represents an opportunity to shake off the winter dust in preparation for a hard summer's racing. For others, it is a chance to mix sailing and racing with a family vacation in one of the Caribbean's favorite locations. Whatever the reason, once experienced, the International Rolex Regatta becomes an annual mark on the calendar. The warm clear waters, beautiful surroundings and excellent competition draw you back year after year.

Host Site: St. Thomas Yacht Club

6224 Estate Nazareth



Island Sol (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 776 9463
Island Sol

St. Thomas's premier water sports center is located on the island's windy East End at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton.

Performance sailboat racing, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, hiking and snorkeling the National Park. Powerboats are customized for maximum fun with all the toys, giant wakeboard towers and plenty of horsepower. The fleet of IC-24s are regatta performers and come with the option of an experienced racing skipper/instructor and are available for rental, charter, and regattas.


Journey's Spa (Spa) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 3151
Journey's Spa

Journeys Spa, located at Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort, offers a full service spa, salon and fitness center. Services include Beach Stone massage, couples massage, reflexology, algae wraps, salt scrubs and hydrotherapy baths. All facial treatments use Pevonia products. Salon services include manicures, pedicures, haircuts, highlights, and permanent color. Spa packages and gift certificates available. Daily/weekly/monthly fitness center passes. Voted Best Spa of the VI 2004, 2006, 2007 and Best Salon 2005.


Kilnworks Pottery & Art Gallery (Art Gallery) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 3979
Kilnworks Pottery & Art Gallery

The Kilnworks Pottery is the creation of Peggy Seiwert. Peggy started The Kilnworks Pottery in 1984 and remains its most creative spirit... continuing to produce Caribbean art pottery at its finest, and to exhibit the finest Caribbean art and crafts made by island artists.

The Kilnworks Pottery & Art Gallery is proud to offer Diane Kreiner's original Caribbean paintings.


Limetree Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Limetree Beach

Limetree Beach is a small, pretty beach that runs along a natural cove. Perfect for a quiet day of laying out, having a few drinks, reading a book and just unwinding. The water often has a gentle to mild surf and entry can be difficult as the initial area is rocky. The area around the bay is home to the Bluebeards Beach Club Time Share/Hotel property. Limetree is usually very quiet, this is part of its appeal. The water sports booth is not always open. It is a great spot to watch the sunset in the afternoon.


Lindberg Bay or Emerald Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Lindberg Bay or Emerald Beach

Lindberg Bay, also known as Emerald Beach, is beautiful. Palm trees and sea grape trees line the shore and provide natural shade. Typically sparsely populated it is a great beach for laying back and relaxing. The water is usually very calm; perfect for swimming, wading or floating along. The shoreline provides for pleasant strolls. The beach is home to Emerald Beach Resort and Island Beachcomber Hotel. Both have open air beach front bars for enjoying the trade winds and a refreshing drink. Several restaurants are available for having a nice lunch or a quick snack. A water sports booth offers kayaks, snorkeling, diving, peddle boats & windsurfers among other fun activities. Families with young children will enjoy the small playground located just past the end of the beach. It is common to see iguanas in the hotel gardens and along the rocky coast close to the playground.


Lindquist Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Lindquist Beach

One of St. Thomas' most beautiful and pristine beaches is Lindquist beach on the East End of St. Thomas. Undeveloped the beach is accessed by a rough, dirt road. There are no amenities there. Often sparsely populated to empty during the week, the beach comes to life on weekends, particularly Sundays with residents having picnics and parties. The water is crystal clear and typically calm. Soft, white sand lines the shore and a thick tree line gives shade. Snorkeling can be enjoyed on the left side of the beach.


Lindquist Beach St. Thomas, Virgin Island

Little Magens Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Little Magens Beach

Little Magens is actually part of Magens Bay. On the right along the Peterborg Peninsula, which frames Magens Bay, are a few little sandy coves, the largest is called Little Magens. There is no parking and no road. To access the little beach you must start at Magens Bay. Facing the water at Magens Bay, head right along the beach until you get to the end of the beach and then walk along the rocky shoreline. Little Magens is a pretty beach and is often sparsely populated. Nude bathing is overlooked at Little Magens, but be aware that public nudity, including at beaches, is illegal in the Virgin Islands.


Magic Moments Yacht (Motor Boats) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 5066
Magic Moments Yacht

Treat yourself to a true luxury excursion.

"Join us and allow us to infuse magic into your day.

Create a Moment so special, it will last a lifetime."

*Voted Best Activity of the VI by the Virgin Islands Daily News, Magic Moments is the largest and most popular luxury excursion company in the area, featuring the newest yachts.


Mahogany Run Golf Course (Golf Course) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 777 6006 and 800 253 7103
Mahogany Run Golf Course

St. Thomas is an exceptional golfing destination, offering a world-class course at Mahogany Run, named one of the top 18 golf courses in the Caribbean by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful courses in the Caribbean, rising and dropping like a roller coaster on its journey to the sea where cliffs and crashing wavers are the ultimate hazards.

A Tom Fazio designed par-70, 18-hole golf course that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with a view of the neighboring British Virgin Islands and beyond. Most spectacular is the Devil's Triangle- a trio of holes so challenging that golfers who play through them without a penalty shot earn a prize in the pro shop. The course features lush rolling hills, tropical valleys and greens. Indeed, the course recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation, which included a brand new irrigation system. Be sure to call for tee times but availability is excellent.


Mahogany Run Golf Course cart path, St. Thomas USVI

Mandahl Bay Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Mandahl Bay Beach

Mandahl Bay is usually sparsely populated with the exception of a few people fishing from shore. The beach has a rustic, natural charm to it; be it the pelicans diving for lunch with their expert aim and skill or the small tide pools with tiny fish and crabs. The small tide pools are neat for exploring. The beach and the water area are rocky. The area around the beach is not developed, there are no facilities nearby. People line fish from the rocky shore and man-made rock wall entrance to the nearby lagoon/salt pond.


Mixed Bag (Fishing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 513 0389
Mixed Bag

The US Virgin Islands is home to world-renowned sport fishing. We offer year-round offshore action with Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, while inshore we catch Snapper, King Fish, Skip Jacks and more. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, we can accommodate your needs with two boats to choose from - Mixed Bag I 40ft Luhrs Express Sport Fisherman - Mixed Bag II a custom 32ft Diesel Inboard Center Counsel with marine head


Morningstar Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Morningstar Beach

Morningstar Beach located at Marriott Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort.

Morningstar provides everything you need for beach fun and comfort. Hire a lounge chair and umbrella for the day and sit back with a cool drink from one of the bars. If you are more adventurous, rent snorkeling gear and explore the reefs at either end of the beach. For a little more action, you can sharpen your skills on a Sunfish or learn to windsurf from a certified instructor.

This is a spot where locals-in-the-know often come and "play tourist." Enjoy everything from a properly concocted frozen drink to the luxury of comfy rented lounge chairs and beach umbrellas. You have two handy beach bars and snacks from the restaurant. The fully stocked state-of-the-art water sports center even has professional instructors on hand. Enjoy snorkeling, windsurfing and other water toys. Get in the swim or just sit back and watch the world go by. Ample parking and taxis are available.


Morningstar Beach, St. Thomas USVI

Morningstar Charters (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 1111
Morningstar Charters

Join Captain Jake Morganstern on Morningstar, a 42' Cheoy Lee sailboat, for a day of Caribbean snorkeling and day sailing around St. Thomas and St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Your Caribbean daysail to secluded locations for snorkeling in St. John or snorkeling in St. Thomas will be the highlight of your holiday sailing in the Virgin Islands. Your charter will include sailing, snorkeling (equipment included), a hot lunch and plenty of relaxing.


Nauti Nymph Power Boat Rentals (Motor Boats) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 5066
Nauti Nymph Power Boat Rentals

Design your personal itinerary and explore the beauty of the US and British Virgin Islands away from the crowd. Select your craft from St. Thomas’ largest and most experienced powerboat rental company.

Nauti Nymph is the only rental company that offers Fountain powerboats and World Cat Catamarans. *Voted “Best Powerboat Rental Company” in the Virgin Islands by readers of the VI Daily News.


Oh Be Joyful Sailing (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

800 707 7303 of 340 244 0605
Oh Be Joyful Sailing

Join Captain Dave for an unforgettable day of sailing, snorkeling, and Caribbean discoveries! Captain Dave makes sure you have an incredible sail and takes you to the best snorkeling and swimming...

Did we mention the sea turtles, octopus, and sting rays?

He sails daily for a full day, half day, or romantic sunset sail. Also private charters where you customize your day!


Oh Be Joyful Sailing, St. Thomas USVI

Reel-Therapy Sport Fishing (Fishing) - St. Thomas, USVI


Sport Fishing Charters for the serious fisherman. It is a Reel adventure to the South or famous North drop off of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands to the best billfish and pelagic migratory fishing grounds in the Caribbean. Recommended by many WhereToStay.com villa guests.


Reichhold Center (Tours/Excursions) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 693 1559
Reichhold Center

"On behalf of the management and staff of the Reichhold Center for the Arts we proudly welcome you to our 2007-2008 season. This season boasts a wide range of superb entertainment designed to satisfy a variety of interests.

Our season kicks off with the soulful sounds of Maze featuring Frankie, one of the top show-bands in the R&B business. Our jazz offerings include a seasoned veteran-George Benson-as well as a newcomer taking the jazz world by storm-Chris Botti. One of the most innovative groups in dance, Complexions, brings a diverse line-up of contemporary dance to the stage.

Our season would not be complete without music from the Caribbean. We are pleased to welcome back to the Reichhold Stage, the King of Lover's Rock, Mr. Beres Hammond. And zouk lovers everywhere will no doubt enjoy the sounds of Kassav."

Reichhold Center for the Arts, an auxiliary of the University of the Virgin Islands, is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of contributors. The income generated from the sale of tickets and other earned income cannot cover the Center’s operating costs alone. Reichhold Center depends on the generous contributions made by individuals, corporations, and foundations to bridge the gap between earned income and expenses.


Reggae Party at Reinhold

Ritz Carlton Spa (Spa) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 3333
Ritz Carlton Spa

Escape to a St. Thomas spa resort where the soothing, ever-present rhythm of the ocean inspires renewal. The Ritz-Carlton's spa features 11 renovated treatment rooms, an open-air cabana, West Indies inspired décor and spice-infused scents to enliven the senses.


Rock Climbing (Lessons) - St. Thomas, USVI

Rock Climbing

Great offshore climbing program. Only 3 hrs, no hiking, and very knowledgable, friendly staff. Top-Roping is the easiest form of rock climbing and completely safe. Family friendly! Ages 8+. This system is just like the ones used on climbing walls, cruise ships, and in the gym.

Sit back and relax as you are whisked away for a remote island adventure. You will climb and rappel from heights of up to 90' ! You will have fun while climbing and rappelling from a variety of routes in a small group.


Rumbaba Charters (Snorkeling/Diving) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 690 1659
Rumbaba Charters

Join Master Captain Bobby on the 37' Hunter Legend, Rumbaba. Cruise on this fast, stable yacht to the exquisite reefs of the St. John Coral Reef National Monument. Snorkel with top quality gear or explore the beaches of the National Park. Shaded, cushioned cockpit and roomy deck add to your comfort and enjoyment. Karen will prepare your gourmet lunch accompanied by an open bar featuring the "Rumbaba Rumrunner", soft drinks, beer and bottled water. "This is your day to enjoy the beauty of the islands; we'll take care of the details. Choose Rumbaba Charters for the best daysail in the USVI."


Yacht Charters

Sapphire Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Sapphire Beach

Located at Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina, on the East End of the island.

Those seeking a festive beach experience will find Sapphire Beach to be very appealing. This glorious locale offers a stunning view of St. John and the British Virgin Islands. It is a good spot for windsurfing, and three reef areas just off the shore are great for snorkeling.

In high season, Sapphire can become downright crowded with sun-worshippers and water sports enthusiasts even during the week. Part of the appeal is the breathtaking view from the beach. Another is the sophisticated array of water sports activities available for novices to pros.

The hotel also offers a casual seaside restaurant, restrooms, and a friendly, spacious bar. The adjacent marina is home to day charters of all types. Party with island bands on the beach every Sunday after 2 pm.


St Thomas USVI Sapphire Beach

Seahorse Rentals & Biz Scooter Rentals (Speed Boats) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 774 5840
Seahorse Rentals & Biz Scooter Rentals


> Daily and weekly rates. All bikes seat 2 people.

> First tank of gas is free.

> Delivery available upon request.

> We provide directions & island maps.

> Driver must be 18 or older and an experienced rider.


> Daily and weekly rates.

> Unlimited mileage.

> Directions & island maps provided.

> Delivery available upon request.

> Driver must be 25 and older.

> Remember to drive left.

- Located in the Havensight area on route 30 (directly across the street from Wendy's.)

- In the Yacht Haven Grande complex between the parking and swimming pool on the west side.


Secret Harbor (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Secret Harbor

Secret Harbor is located on the east end at Route 322 that branches off from Route 30 in Red Hook.

A breathtaking spot made all the more enjoyable by a terraced restaurant, bar and water sports rentals. The hotel will charge for the use of a lounge chair but it is well worth it. Snorkeling is best near the rock formations on either end of the beach.


Snorkeling at Secret Harbor - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Shopping in Havensight (Shop) - St. Thomas, USVI

Shopping in Havensight

Havensight is the location of a large conglomeration of stores that cater to visitors. It is right next to the primary cruise ship dock and the shopping area is made up of Havensight Shopping Center, Buccaneer Mall and Port of Sale. Long buildings house some 60+ stores. Shop for jewelry, clothes, perfumes, liquor, electronics, music, sunglasses, hot sauces and souvenirs. You can have lunch in Havensight also; there are several good restaurants to choose from.

Havensight store hours: Monday through Sunday, including Holidays: 9 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week when there are cruise ships in port. When no ships are in port hours are 10 am to 3 pm. On days when ships stay in port into the late evening; some shops remain open until 6:30 pm.


Skyride (Tours/Excursions) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 774 9809

St. Thomas Skyride whisks you 700 ft. above the town of Charlotte Amalie. The skyride carries 24 passengers every seven minutes along its 8 tower ascent of Flag Hill. Once you "Ride the View" to Paradise Point the true meaning of limin' is revealed, high above the hustle and bustle of St. Thomas Harbor.


Skyride, St. Thomas USVI

St Peter & St. Paul Cathedral (Church) - St. Thomas, USVI

St Peter & St. Paul Cathedral

This building was consecrated as a parish church in 1848 and

serves as the seat of the territory's Roman Catholic diocese.

The ceiling and walls of the church are covered in the soft

tones of murals painted in 1899 by two Belgian artists, Father

Leo Servais and Brother Ildephonus. The San-Juan marble altar

and side walls were added in the 1960s.


St Thomas Massage and Spa Treatments (Spa) - St. Thomas, USVI


Enjoy various types of massage & spa therapies in the privacy of your St. Thomas vacation villa or resort - we come to you! Plus many other holistic remedies and services offered for your best health.


St. Thomas Diving Club (Snorkeling/Diving) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 776 2381
St. Thomas Diving Club

St. Thomas Diving Club will show you the incredible coral reefs, spectacular marine life and fascinating wrecks in local waters. As a PADI authorized 5-star IDC facility, they cater to everyone from the beginning snorkeler to the experienced diver. PADI Training is their specialty. The staff of experienced instructors and divemasters is on hand to assist you. They will lead your dive as a guided tour or allow you to explore on your own. Located at beautiful Bolongo Bay Resort.


Diving in St. Thomas, USVI

St. Thomas Synagogue (Church) - St. Thomas, USVI

St. Thomas Synagogue

In 1796, the Jews of St. Thomas founded this congregation. Only 9 Jewish families belonged to the congregation in 1801, but by 1803 it had increased to 22, with arrivals from England, France, and the Caribbean islands of St. Eustatius and Curacao. In 1804 the small synagogue was destroyed by fire and replaced in 1812. The congregation grew so large that in 1823 it was dismantled and a larger one erected in the same location on Synagogue Hill.


St. Thomas Synagogue

Sugar Bay Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Sugar Bay Beach

Sugar Bay is a little beach with lots to do. Take a ride on jet skis, kayak around the bay, take out a sunfish, enjoy pretty good snorkeling along the right side of the bay, swim out to the floating platform or just relax under an umbrella and take in the view. The water at Sugar Bay is usually calm. Sugar Bay is home to the Wyndham Sugar Bay Resort & Spa and it's restaurant and bar are just a short walk from the beach.


Sugar Bay Beach, St. Thomas USVI

Tree Limin' Extreme Zip Line Adventure (Tours/Excursions) - St. Thomas, USVI

Tree Limin' Extreme Zip Line Adventure

This incredible three hour zipline canopy tour begins with a wild ride in a swiss army vehicle and ends with the only zipline of its kind in the Caribbean... the Yo-Yo! See the unbeatable views from eight aerial platforms, fly high on six exhilarating ziplines and soak up the sun on two breathtaking skywalks as the professional guides lead you through the experience of a lifetime! It's the only way to fly on the Island!


Turtle Cove Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Turtle Cove Beach

This pretty cove is home to one of St. Thomas' most luxurious resorts, the Ritz Carlton. The resort has several restaurants and bars for you to enjoy and a watersports booth that includes a wide assortment of activities such as kayaking, sunfish and snorkeling, which can be enjoyed along the rocky coast on the left side. The beach is well manicured and attractive. A short walk along a path takes you over to the Ritz Carlton Club which is located on another great beach, Bluebeards Beach.


USVI Sport Fishing (Fishing) - St. Thomas, USVI

USVI Sport Fishing

Twenty-four sportfishing world records have been set from the Virgin Islands, for fish ranging from mega blue marlin to swift swimming wahoo.

The hot spot for billfish - blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish - is the world-famous North Drop, which you can easily access from St. Thomas or St. John. A short ride offshore St. Croix, the billfish bite best off Lang Bank, another deep drop-off where cool waters and ocean currents bring a bevy of bait fish, especially June through October. During the winter months, dolphin, wahoo and tuna keep the action on the drop-offs hopping. Closer inshore, you'll find kingfish, mackerel, bonefish, tarpon, amberjack, grouper and snappers in Virgin waters all year long.

Captains and mates armed with local knowledge can guide you to the hot spots aboard a sportfishing charter. Both half day and full day trips are available. Half day trips are usually scheduled from 8 am to 12 Noon and 1 pm to 5 pm and focus on inshore fishing. Full day trips can be of two types. On the first type, usually 8 am to 4 pm, you troll slowly out to the drop-off, then fish for marlin once there. For the second type of full day trip, generally 8 am to 5 pm, your captain will head full throttle for the drop with marlin as the single-minded pursuit.


Sport Fishing in St. Thomas, USVI

V.I.P Charters (Motor Boats) - St. Thomas, USVI

800 524 2015
V.I.P Charters

Power yacht chartering is the ideal way to vacation in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, and Virgin Islands Power Yacht Charters (V.I.P.) can provide all that is needed for a fun-filled cruising vacation. V.I.P. manages 20 yachts, and has the distinction of operating the largest luxury power yacht fleet in the world.

Located in Saga Haven Marina, near the east end of St. Thomas, the V.I.P. fleet is composed of some of the top names in the boating industry --- Jefferson, Gulfstar, Hyatt, and HiStar. The yachts range from 32' all the way up to 53'. You can be your own captain (bareboat) on a yacht of your choice.

All V.I.P. yachts feature large sundecks for taking advantage of the warm, tropical breezes and breathtaking sunsets that are the hallmark of the Virgin Islands. One of the biggest advantages --- and perhaps the greatest luxury --- of chartering your own yacht is the fact that you can avoid crowds and schedules. You go exactly where you want to go, when you want to go, choosing to anchor in any of the innumerable private bays and coves you wish.


Vessup Bay Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Vessup Bay Beach

Vessup Bay is a lovely beach. The shoreline is mostly undeveloped and there you will find a variety of flora; sea grape trees, cacti, century plants among others. The long stretch of sand is great for taking a leisurely stroll and the calm waters are nice for swimming. It is common to find sea grass in the water and washed up on the shore. During the week the beach is often lightly populated but on weekends it is a favorite choice for residents having birthday parties, barbecues and family picnics. A water sports booth that rents windsurfers and other water toys is sometimes open.


Virgin Islands Ecotours (Tours/Excursions) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 779 2155
Virgin Islands Ecotours

A unique, 3 hour multi-eco experience awaits you. Explore the wild delights of Cas Cay Wildlife Sanctuary by foot, kayak and snorkel in this action-packed adventure. Kayak among the many small islands of the Inner Mangrove lagoon. Hike the pristine, tropical island of Cas Cay, in the Virgin Islands Park System. Enjoy many breathtaking views and spectacular photographic opportunities at the famous Red Point Blow Hole amongst volcanic cliffs. Snorkel though an underwater paradise. Guides point out the marine life, interpret the diverse mangrove ecosystem and offer snorkeling instruction. Departs daily at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. Reservations required.


Virgin Islands Ecotours, St. Thomas USVI

Water Bay Beach (Beach) - St. Thomas, USVI

Water Bay Beach

Water Bay, also known as Pineapple Bay and Renaissance Beach (names of present and former hotels/condos located there) is a quiet beach. The water usually has a gentle surf. A few chairs are available on the shore and a couple hammocks, left behind when the resort located on the bay closed for business. It is currently for sale. The bay has an abundance of seagrass in the water and sometimes on shore. A restaurant is located on the neighboring Point Pleasant Resort property and can be accessed by use of a short trail on the right side of the bay.


Wind In My Sails sailing charters (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

Wind In My Sails sailing charters

Sailing charters in the USVI and BVI aboard the Sophisticated Lady.


Yacht Haven Grande Shops (Shop) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 774 5030
Yacht Haven Grande Shops

Now Open at Yacht Haven Grande St. Thomas

- Aqua Beachwear

- Bad Ass Coffee

- bebe

- Ben & Jerry's

- BCBG Max Azria

- Budget Car Rental

- Bulgari

- Caché

- Chicos

- Coach

- Diamonds International

- Fat Turtle

- FirstBank

- Grande Cru

- Havana Nines

- How 'Bout Your Pet?

- Icing

- Island Water World

- Jewels

- Little Switzerland

- Louis Vuitton

- Mango Tango Art Gallery

- Natural Home

- The Preserve at Botany Bay

- Roberto Coin

- Royal Caribbean

- Salvatore Ferragamo

- Sea Glass Properties

- Shae Designs

- Solstice Sunglass Boutique

- Sunglass Hut

- Tommy Hilfiger

- Trident Jewels & Time

- Ultra Diamonds

- Underwater Safaris

- US Customs

- VI Brewing

- White House | Black Market

- W!kked

- Yacht Haven Family Practice


Yacht Haven Grande Shops, St. Thomas USVI

Yacht Nightwind (Sailing) - St. Thomas, USVI

340 775 7017
Yacht Nightwind

Enjoy the thrill of gliding over the seas on the classic fifty foot wooden yawl Nightwind. Built in Sweden as a true blue water sailing yacht, Nightwind has been treating guests to the delights of our islands since 1977. Join Captains Steve or Doug and first mates Margot or Toni as they share the old stories, natural wonders, history and ambiance of the islands. You provide a towel, sun lotion and sense of adventure and we provide a truly wonderful day including breakfast, lunch, snacks, open bar, snorkel gear, two stops and unforgettable memories.