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St. Barts

St. Barts Local Restaurants

Where to Eat in St. Barts

St. Barts has some of the best accommodations and attractions in the Caribbean, so it should come as no surprise that the food here is superb as well. With flavors ranging from French to Caribbean to Creole, your taste buds will delight in the exciting blend of flavors. Check out the Carl Gustaf Restaurant for lunch and enjoy the view of Gustavia harbor. For dinner, try Eddy's Restaurant, serving up Creole-French-Asian fare. Browse this page for a full listing of Saint Barths eateries and see how close they are to the St. Barts villas.


St. Barts Dining Map


Local Restaurants


Nikki Beach (International) - St. Barts

590 27 64 64
Nikki Beach

Locals, celebrities, yacht-hopping billionaires and even hedonist flock to Nikki Beach - the sexiest beach club on St. Barts. Jetsetters enjoy non-stop, round-the-clock hip hop while lounging on bamboo beds or in one of Nikki's trademark teepees. With champagne showers, topless dancing, and a little girl-on-girl action, this place screams sexy. This exotic chic hot spot serves delicious entries at lunch and dinner, the most refreshing cocktails and it's really the best people watching anywhere. PLage de St. Jean FW1 97133 St. Barths


Nikki Beach, St. Barts

3 Forces - Hostellerie des 3 Forces (French) - St. Barts

590 27 61 25
3 Forces - Hostellerie des 3 Forces

Part of the acclaimed Hostellerie des 3 Forces, in Vitet, this fine dining locale combines the fresh seafood of St. Barths with classic French cuisine, serving the island for more than 20 years. Located on a charming hillside overlooking the bay, 3 Forces offers an array of French and Creole dishes, with favorites such as the lobster crepes and island specialty, courbouillon. Diners desiring a break from seafood will be satisfied with French mainstays like the chateaubriand au poivre. Other noteworthy features include an extensive wine cellar and ocean views.


Au Port (Creole) - St. Barts

0590 27 62 36
Au Port

Located on Rue Samuel Fahlberg, Gustavia. The oldest restaurant on the island, with a view of the harbor. It is located across from the Post Office, one flight up. The home made fois gras, roasted sea bass, lobster fricassee and lamb filet are memorable. Wonderfully friendly atmosphere. Open daily for dinner 6:30 to 10 pm. Closed on Sunday.


Black Ginger (Thai) - St. Barts

05 90 29 21 03

This new restaurant in Gustavia is definitely worth a try if you like Thai. The funky decor and great authentic dishes make diners happy. Try the Pla Pik Thai Dam (mahi) and the Keng Massaman Kai (chicken).


Carl Gustaf Restaurant (French) - Gustavia, St. Barts

590 29 79 47
Carl Gustaf Restaurant

Located in Hotel Carl Gustaf, Gustavia. With its panoramic view of Gustavia harbor and distant islands, this restaurant is a splendid setting for a either a light Antillean lunch, or the glories of a full blown French gourmet dinner. West Indian and Asian selections as well. Live music nightly. American Express, Visa, Mastercard. Lunch 12 to 2 pm, Dinner 7 to 10 pm.


Casa Flamands beachfront restaurat at Taiwana Hotel (Mediterranean) - St. Barts

590 590 29 80 08
Casa Flamands beachfront restaurat at Taiwana Hotel

Upscale beachfront setting specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. Perfect spot to sip a cocktail and enjoy the sunset.


Caviar Island (Other) - Gustavia, St. Barts

590 52 46 11
Caviar Island

Caviar bar, cocktails and a restaurant in an intimate lounge setting. Open from noon to midnight.


Chez Andy's Hideaway (Local) - Saint Jean, St. Barts

590 27 63 62
Chez Andy's Hideaway

One of the best values on the island. Local pizzas, steak, fish, salads, pierrades and pasta. Excellent vanilla rum. Always a fun and lively place thanks to the extremely gregarious Andy Hall and his staff. Closed Sunday for lunch and closed all day Monday. Winner: 2004 Best of St. Barths - Best Pizza.


Chez Roland, Wishing Well (Creole) - St. Barts

590 27 51 42
Chez Roland, Wishing Well

Located in Flamands, an authentic Antillian atmosphere serving traditional Creole favorites such as Creole blood sausage, codfish fritters and stuffed crab. BBQ specialty on Saturday night. In the high season, open for breakfast as well, and closed on Sunday night. During the low season, closed Sunday night and Monday. Lunch and dinner.


Do Brazil (French) - Gustavia, St. Barts

590 29 06 66
Do Brazil

Cozy restaurant nestled at the cliff side of Gustavia's Shell Beach. The menu is more French-Thai than Brazilian, although at dinner there are usually a couple of Brazilian specialties. Grilled sandwiches at the snack bar on the beachfront level are the perfect lunch. For dinner, choose between varied salads, raw fish, hand-chopped steak tartares, and a variety of fresh-caught grilled fish. Reservations essential. Closed Tuesday.


Eddy's Restaurant (Creole) - Gustavia, St. Barts

590 27 54 17
Eddy's Restaurant

Open air garden restaurant presenting Creole-Asian-French cuisine, specializing in fish, tuna sushi, green papaya salad, and rum punches are great examples of typical menu offerings. Closed Sundays. No reservations accepted.


Fellini Ristorante (Italian) - Anse des Cayes, St. Barts

590 27 66 55
Fellini Ristorante

Manapany Hotel, Cayes. A colorful and refreshing Italian menu, with offerings such as browned eggplant with parmesan, sea food risotto and pineapple carpaccio flambé with aged Rhum. Dinner from 7 pm, breakfast and lunch are also served. Sunday seafood brunch, closed Monday.


François Plantation (Mediterranean) - St. Barts

590 29 80 22
François Plantation

Francois Plantation is closed until further notice.


Harbour's La Saladerie (Local) - Gustavia, St. Barts

05 90 27 52 48
Harbour's La Saladerie

Rue Jean d'Arc, Port of Gustavia. Nice harbor side local hangout for lunch and a great value. Offerings such as pizza and goat cheese salads are popular. The salads are large and reasonably priced.


Jojo Burger (Hamburgers) - Lorient, St. Barts

0590 27 50 33
Jojo Burger

The best burgers in Lorient.


K'Fe Massai (Middle Eastern) - Lorient, St. Barts

590 29 76 78
K'Fe Massai

Romantic setting with African and exotic décor. Massaï offers three price-fixed menus as well as a la Carte options. Specials have included lobster ravioli served in a local wakame sauce as well as roasted pigeon stuffed with seared foie gras. Entrees are complimented well by Massaï's light desserts, like the millefeuilles à la mousseline et aux fruits rouges, multi-layered pastry stuffed with red fruit.

Open every evening from 6:30 to 11 pm.


Kiki and Mo (Deli) - St. Barts

590 27 90 65
Kiki and Mo

A cornerstone of take-out on the island. A gourmet Italian deli that also caters weddings and other special events. On top of a wide assortment of classic Italian deli meats, Kiki-é Mo serves a variety of pastas as well and carries a long line of Italian ingredients. It serves lunch and has a take out menu for Italian food with some of the best paninis on the island. Near the Eden Rock Hotel.


L'Indigo Restaurant (Caribbean) - Grand Cul de Sac, St. Barts

L'Indigo Restaurant

Located on Grand Cul de Sac Beach, L'Indigo is elegant and poolside at the same time. Gourmet burgers and pan-friend prawn tails in chili sauce, and fresh fish and lobster every day. Or maybe venture towards the wahoo in a Caribbean marinade. Open for lunch and dinner.


La Case de l'Isle (French) - Flamands, St. Barts

590 27 61 81
La Case de l'Isle

Located within the luxury ocean-front Hotel St. Barth Isle de France, this restaurant serves simple French cuisine, perfect for an elegant and light lunch or dinner. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner overlooking the ocean or while relaxing by the pool. Dinner from 7 to 9:30 pm. Amex, Visa, and MasterCard accepted.


La Crêperie (Local) - St. Barts

590 27 84 07
La Crêperie

Located on Rue de Roi Oscar II, Gustavia

The best place for crêpes. It also offers omelettes, ice cream and daily breakfast and lunch specials. Open nonstop from 8 am to 10 pm, with breakfast served from 8 am to 11 am.


La Gaiac (Caribbean) - Toiny, St. Barts

590 29 77 47
La Gaiac

Located in Hotel Le Toiny. French gourmet cuisine blended with exotic and

Caribbean influences in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. The

restaurant boasts a panoramic view of the turquoise sea and over three

hundred wines. It is also renowned for its Sunday brunch and Wednesday Fish Market for Lunch & Dinner. Open everyday in the winter months, closed on Tuesday during the summer.


La Langouste (Seafood) - Flamands, St. Barts

590 27 63 61
La Langouste

Small beachside restaurant in the pool-courtyard of Hôtel Baie des Anges. Famous for its fresh-grilled lobster, well-prepared fish, pastas, and an assortment of refreshing cold soups. Within walking distance of Hotel St Barth Isle de France. Great for lunch 12 to 2:30 pm and dinner 7 to 9:30 pm. Reservations required. Closed Tuesday and closed September to October.


La Mandala (Thai) - Gustavia, St. Barts

0590 27 96 96
La Mandala

La Mandala is located on Rue de la Sous-Préfecture, Gustavia. It offers tasty Thai-influenced food on a sweeping terrace over Gustavia Harbor. The recently added sushi bar has become widely popular with the celebrities vacationing in St. Barths. Scenic views for a sunset cocktail. Recommended dishes are the vegetable-curry spring rolls, fish tempura with kimchee sauce, Peking-style duck, and the Thai-scented sea bass steamed in foil. American Express, Master Card and Visa accepted.


La Marine (Seafood) - Gustavia, St. Barts

590 27 68 91
La Marine

Simple and superb seafood with excellent meat and poultry offerings as well for lunch or dinner. Experience Thursday nights' "island tradition" where you can enjoy fresh mussels from Brittany and french-fries. Open everyday nonstop from noon to midnight. Reservations are essential.


La Plage (Caribbean) - Saint Jean, St. Barts

590 27 53 13
La Plage

On the beach in St. Jean. If you are looking for a fun island spot, this vibrantly decorated restaurant is the perfect place, boasting that its "menu of the day is pleasure!" Enjoy the fresh lobsters, grilled fish, and other classic island dishes for a crazy lunch or a romantic dinner on the sand daily except Monday evenings.


La Rôtisserie (Deli) - St. Barts

0590 27 63 13
La Rôtisserie

Located on Rue du Roi Oscar II, Gustavia. Stock up on stuffed baguettes, pâté, mustards, and caviar at this premier gourmet patisserie/deli. Great sandwiches. There is one in St. Jean as well.


La Saintoise (Pizza) - St. Barts

590 27 68 70
La Saintoise

Located in Corossol, specialty pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven for eat in, take out or home delivery. Conch and lobster pizzas. Delivery lunch basket available 11:30 am to 1:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Closed October.


Le Bartolomeo (French) - St. Barts

590 27 66 60
Le Bartolomeo

A lovely open-air restaurant located at the Guanahani Hotel. A wonderful pianist, Charles Darden performs there on a regular basis. Dinner at 7:30 pm and the lounge is open 7 pm to midnight.


Le Bête a Z'Ailes (Sushi) - Gustavia, St. Barts

0590 29 74 09
Le Bête a Z'Ailes

This lively island hangout is perfect for a fun night out on the town. Overlooking Gustavia Harbor, Le Bête à Z'Ailes is open for both lunch and dinner and offers a Japanese take on tapas as well as a long list of specialty drinks and a full sushi bar. Best known for its entertainment, Le Bête à Z'Ailes frequently showcases live music and readily hosts "all night parties" on holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras and New Year's Eve, featuring nightly drink specials.


Le Bistro (French) - Gustavia, St. Barts

Le Bistro

New to the Harbor side in Gustavia. Classic French Bistro offerings. Great coffee, lunch and dinner, easy going, no rush, with a view.


Le Bouchon (Fast Food) - St. Barts

590 27 79 39
Le Bouchon

Eat in or take out, next to K’fé Massaï in Lorient, it is a hidden gem for a fast lunch or dinner. Burgers, pizza, wine and beer with a great variety of salads. Open from 9 am to 10 pm. You can call in advance to place your order.


Le Cesar (Seafood) - St. Barts


Former Eden Rock chef Christophe Cesaro features fresh-caught seafood and Creole favorites. Located in Le Village St-Jean Hotel, this new favorite has a very chic look. The wine list is also impressive.


Le Diamante (Creole) - St. Barts

590 29 21 67
Le Diamante

On the saltwater pond in St. Jean, a natural reserve for marine birds. Dine on the wrap around terrace or play billiards. Try the chocolate “volcano” with mango sauce. Serving lunch and dinner, closed Tuesday.


Le Esprit Saline (International) - St. Barts

590 52 46 10
Le Esprit Saline

The international cuisine features Greek, Asian, Indian and French dishes, changed daily according to market finds. Fresh soups (corn, asparagus, zucchini), tempura, sashimi, fish, lamb, and kebabs are fabulous. Some other signature dishes include Vietnamese-style crispy snapper, caramel sautéed chicken, vegetable tempura, and fish of the day. Ask for a terrace table overlooking the water. Closed Tuesdays.

Closed June through late October.


Le Grain de Sel (Creole) - St. Barts

590 52 46 05
Le Grain de Sel

Right against the rocks near the Saline beach with a very open and inviting setting. World cuisine for lunch and Creole cuisine for dinner. This restaurant also has a children’s menu. Open everyday for lunch 11:30 am to 4 pm, and dinner 7 pm to 10:30 pm.


Le Repaire (Seafood) - Gustavia, St. Barts

590 27 72 48
Le Repaire

Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a large selection of cocktails, ice cream and sherbet as well. Specialties include scallops with cream sauce and seasonal vegetables, filet of duck with fruit chutney, chicken bouillabaisse, and a variety of salads. The daily fish specials are always recommended, especially the fresh mussels on Friday. Open noon to 10:30 pm.


Le Restaurant des Pêcheurs (Seafood) - Grand Cul de Sac, St. Barts

590 29 83 00
Le Restaurant des Pêcheurs

At Le Sereno hotel, Grand Cul de Sac, this restaurant decorated by Christian Liagre faces the turquoise waters. Serving the freshest fish any way you want it. Choose either a la Carte, Menu Decouverte ($60, changes daily) or the Beach menu which has salads, burgers and sandwiches and is served pool-side and on the beach. Beautiful location. Open everyday 7 am to 10:30 pm.


Le Sapotilier (French) - St. Barts

0590 27 60 28
Le Sapotilier

French cuisine in a warm atmosphere, it is tremendously romantic and intimate. Serving scrumptious fois gras, roasted Bresse chicken, and dark chocolate cake with orange sorbet. Enjoy your meal in the historic interior, in the garden patio under the stars or in the private bungalow facing the street. Open every day during the high season, closed Monday during the rest of the year. Closed September and October


Le Select (Fast Food) - St. Barts

590 27 86 87
Le Select

A local favorite with a relaxed patio atmosphere. Burgers are the specialty. Most famous for being the alleged subject of the Jimmy Buffet song “Cheeseburgers in Paradise”.


Le Select (Hamburgers) - Gustavia, St. Barts

Le Select

World-famous beer bar, opened in 1949, located in the village center offering cozy beer culture and a following of former-rock gods and Bahamian cult icons. Not too expensive by St. Barth's standards. They also serve salads and sandwiches and there is a takeaway service

Open from 10 am to 10 pm non-stop.

Closed Sundays.


Le Tamarin (French) - St. Barts

590 27 72 12
Le Tamarin

A sophisticated open air restaurant serving French gastronomic cuisine, it is great for a relaxing lunch on the way to Grand Saline beach.


Le Ti St Barth (Caribbean) - Pointe Milou, St. Barts

590 51 15 80
Le Ti St Barth

Located at Pointe Milou. Fresh local fish and meat are grilled on a traditional charcoal barbeque. This Caribbean tavern is open every night and reservations for dinner are recommended.


Le Vietnam (Thai) - St. Barts

590 27 81 37
Le Vietnam

A good place to bring kids, the extensive menu also offers Chinese and Thai dishes as well as a selection of seafood. This restaurant is right in the heart of Gustavia and take out is available. Open for lunch and dinner.


Le Wok (Asian) - St. Barts

590 27 52 52
Le Wok

Asian Fusion, Vietnamese in Lorient. Eat in or take out. Traditional Asian décor with offerings such as Thai mussels, duck, ribs, spring rolls and sautéed shrimp. Closed Mondays.


Les Bananiers (Caribbean) - Colombier, St. Barts

59 05 90 27 93 48
Les Bananiers

Next to Petit Colombier Bakery this outdoor restaurant is candlelit at night. Some offerings include fish and pork, as well as great pizza, which comes in regular and child sizes. Lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday.


Les Coulisses (Tapas) - St. Barts

Sophisticated, traditional French cuisine and tapas in a casual, albeit dim atmosphere. Enjoy live entertainment and theme meals on Wednesday nights.


L’Indigo (French) - St. Barts

590 27 66 60

In the Guanahani Hotel, Grand Cul de Sac. Get the best of both worlds at this relaxing restaurant overlooking the waters of the pool and the sea. Enjoy this view for an early morning breakfast beginning at 7 am, or enjoy the fresh fish and lobster every day for lunch or a casual dinner. Amex, Diner’s, Visa, and MasterCard accepted.


Maya’s (Seafood) - St. Barts

590 27 75 73

On the oceans edge, Maya’s is chic, elegant, and comfortable. The menu, which includes fresh fish, grilled meats, Créole dishes, and exotic daily specials such as cucumber salad and traditional West Indian orange cake.

Closed Sundays and September through mid-October.


Maya’s To Go (Deli) - St. Barts

5 90 29 83 70
Maya’s To Go

Takeout, Deli, Snacks. Right across from the airport, the favorite of takeout connoisseurs. A mouth-watering array of ready-cooked dishes with French, Caribbean and Oriental influences. Free WiFi access.


New Born (Creole) - St. Barts

590 27 67 07
New Born

Near the Manapany Hotel, Cayes, New Born serves fresh lobster and fish daily. The ambiance is extremely relaxed, island casual, and laid back. Pick your own lobster out of the largest lobster tank on Saint Barth. Reservations recommended, closed Sunday.


O' Corail Restaurant (French/Creole) - St. Barts

O' Corail Restaurant

O' Corail is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or simply have a drink, while comfortably savoring the ocean views and cool breezes. The menu includes a variety of salads, daily specials, fresh fish, and Creole recipes, plus various fresh-fruit cocktails, made with or without alcohol.


On the Rocks (French) - St. Barts

590 29 79 99
On the Rocks

Located at the Eden Rock Hotel, St. Jean. A gourmet dinner accompanied with panoramic ocean views and the sound of waves crashing below. Indulge and order the grilled lobster tail, accompanied with Chinese noodles. Revel in French specialties like the fillet of organic pigeon or sautéed lamb sweetbread. End the night by satisfying your sweet tooth with guests’ favorite, a passion fruit soufflé, served with banana and passion fruit sorbet. The service is elegant and formal.

Telephone: 0590 29 79 99

Email: info@edenrockhotels.com


PaCrì (Italian) - St. Barts

590 29 35 63

Serves homemade pasta, wood-oven-fired pizza, and authentic Italian main courses, such as Pugliese mahimahi, succulent meatballs, and sautéed veal saltimbocca. Located on a breezy open terrace right near Saline Beach. Menu changes daily. Open seven days a week. Reservations essential. American Express, Master Card and Visa.


Salon de la Patisserie (Bakery) - Colombier, St. Barts

Salon de la Patisserie

Best bread on the island!

Pick up ham and cheese baguettes for lunch here.


Sand Bar (Caribbean) - St. Barts

590 29 79 99
Sand Bar

Located at the Eden Roc Hotel. Breakfast and lunch beachside. Menu includes a wide selection of the fresh salads, as well as other favorites like sautéed seared foie gras or the grilled scallops served with shitake mushrooms. Kid friendly.


Snack Zen (Other) - St. Barts

Located on Shell Beach and just off the stylishly furnished Do Brasil restaurant, Snack Zen is as its name suggests -- a basic, no-frills snack bar set almost on the sand. Place your order and then kill some time at a game of ping pong or people-watching, as there's plenty of sunbathing eye-candy nearby. Simple dishes include vegetarian and Thai sandwiches, open for lunch only.


Taïwana (Caribbean) - St. Barts

590 27 65 01

In Hotel Taiwana, Flamands. Open for lunch only from noon to 3 pm daily, serving fish and meat dishes such as whole grilled fish, grilled chicken and sirloin. The restaurant is renowned for its lentil salad.


Terrazza (Italian) - St. Barts

590 27 70 67

Overlooking the bay and Nikki Beach, Terrazza offers alfresco dining with spectacular views. Open daily with dinner from 7 pm.


The Strand (French) - St. Barts

590 27 63 77
The Strand

Casually elegant and hip, this restaurant and champagne lounge is next door to the nightclub Casa Nikki. Delicious offerings such as seared steak and tuna, roast duck and grilled lobster. After 10 pm, the restaurant mood swings decidedly more to lounge.


Wall House (French) - St. Barts

05 90 27 71 83
Wall House

Voted the Best Overall Restaurant in the 2004 Best of St. Barths Awards, located on the far side of the harbor in downtown Gustavia. The daily five course prix-fixe menu is one of the best values on the island. Appetizers like light lobster soufflé and their lobster and pumpkin soup should not be missed. Open daily except on Sunday lunch. Closed from June through September. Reservations highly recommended.


Wall House (French) - Petit Cul de Sac, St. Barts


Great restaurant located in Gustavia down by the Harbour. Not as pricy as most St. Barts restaurants and fabulous food and service!! By far the best meal we had on the island!


Zanzibarth (Central European) - St. Barts

0590 27 53 00

Located on Route de Saline, St. Jean. Contemporary lounge restaurant with minimalist-chic décor. The bar is open from 6 pm until 1 am and offers a long list of martini drinks and cocktails. Open every evening for dinner from 7 pm to 11 pm.