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Tortola, BVI

Tortola, BVI Local Restaurants

Where to Eat in Tortola, BVI

Just because you have a full kitchen in your Tortola villa, it does not mean you have to slave over a stove during your vacation. Head over to a Tortola restaurant to sample some of the best cuisine in the Caribbean. At 1748, you get a touch of history with your meal, as the restaurant is part of an 18th Century sugar mill. Satisfy your craving for pasta at Capriccio di Mare, one of Tortola's Italian eateries. If you need a burger and fries or some pizza, there are a couple of American restaurants open, too, like Caravela or Pusser's Pub. Many of these eateries will be within easy access of your villa on Tortola.


Tortola, BVI Dining Map


Local Restaurants


Willie T's (Other) - Tortola, BVI

Willy T's

Get on board the Willie T's and expect to get rowdy. This “bistro on a briny” draws big crowds to The Blight at Norman Island. The original Willie T, a wooden Baltic Trader, sank in 1995, but the owners bought a new boat and quickly re-opened their floating bar/restaurant the following year. The food is good but people come for Zeus’killer shots -- the ski shots and body shots. This legendary bartender keeps the party kickin’ and the crowd entertained. Visitors can hitch a free ride on the Willie T's supply boat, Wet Willie, that leaves Tortola. It's docked at Nanny Cay Marina and leaves daily at 5 p.m., returning around 11.


1748 (Local) - Tortola, BVI

866 237 3491

Delightfully informal, ‘1748’ is a popular beachfront deck restaurant. Part of an 18th-century sugar mill, it offers buffet breakfasts, as well as extensive lunch and dinner menus featuring anything from grills and fresh seafood to tasty local dishes. Special weekly events include a ‘Barbecue Cook-out’ and a ‘Taste of Tortola’ buffet, both evenings featuring live entertainment. 1748 on Long Bay Beach is replete with history. Sit on one of the upper or lower decks or right beneath the seagrape trees on the sand. Sample grilled fare, barbecue or fresh seafood, and listen to nearby soothing waves.


BananaKeet Cafe (Caribbean) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 5842
BananaKeet Cafe

Casual, friendly and tasteful. Presentation pool side with outstanding 180 degree views. The best sunset venue with palate pleasing appetizer & dinner choices; also a Pimm's Cocktail Brunch served on Saturday & Sunday.

Open: Tue-Sun for Lunch 11:30-2 pm, Dinner 6-9 pm, Happy Hour 4-6 pm, Live music & BBQ on Saturdays.


Beach Club Terrace (Local) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 2272
Beach Club Terrace

Beach Club Terrace, Baugher's Bay overlooking Road Harbour specializing in local cuisine.

Open daily 7 am-10 pm


Brandywine Bay Restaurant (International) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 2301
Brandywine Bay Restaurant

Chef David sources the freshest local fish, herbs and vegetables and imports other exotic seasonal ingredients from around the world.

The menu changes nightly, but the quality never varies. Appetizers like beef carpaccio or grilled portobello mushrooms are presented with a simple elegance.

Other mouthwatering offerings include roast duck resting in mango sauce., thick grilled veal chop, fresh local fish and vegetarian entrées.

Finally, tiramisu or contrasting tastes of vin santo e biscotti for dessert.

You'll have the finest wines from France, Italy, Australia and America to pair with your meal.

Open Mon-Sat for dinner only 6:30 pm-9 pm.


Cafesito (Indian) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 7412

Cafesito offers West Indian and international dishes including fresh Anegada lobster, coconut shrimp and a variety of pastas. Lunch and dinner are served daily.

In the winter season, Cafesito will often deliver from its menu straight to your door!

Romasco Building, Road Town, Tortola.


CalaMaya (Caribbean) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 2126

From a good old burger to lobster salad, Calamaya provides a tasty alternative.

For lunch why not try the grilled Cubano sandwich -- shrimp, ham, and pineapple on a baguette and for dinner, we recommend the pesto pasta with cilantro, almonds, and spicy shredded chicken.

Reservations recommended for dinner. Water's edge dining featuring Shrimp, Jerk Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Swordfish, Anegada Lobster.

Open daily 7 am-10 pm, Happy Hour 5-7 pm

Hodge's Creek Marina, Blackburn Highway


Capriccio di Mare (Italian) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 5369
Capriccio di Mare

Italian cafe located opposite the ferry dock offering a varied menu of pizzas, pasta & salads.

This local favorite is small, casual, and laid-back.

It's the most authentic-looking Italian cafe in the Virgin Islands. At breakfast time, many locals stop in for an Italian pastry along with a cappuccino, or even a full breakfast.

If it's evening, you might try the mango Bellini. Begin with such appetizers as piedini (flour tortillas with various toppings), then move on to a selection of fresh pastas, the best pizzas on the island, or the well-stuffed sandwiches. Or if you prefer, try the pizza topped with grilled eggplant.

Take out available.

Open Mon-Sat, 8 am-9 pm. Closed Sundays & public holidays.


Captain's Table (Caribbean) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 3885
Captain's Table

The Captain's Table offers an extensive and varied menu, fully stocked, licensed bar, and an airy, shaded balcony overlooking the marina.

For appetizers, you can enjoy selections from gazpacho to escargot. One of the best items on the menu is honey-dipped chicken, which is lightly coated with flour and deep-fried. For a lighter meal, you may want to try the Cajun chicken over Caesar salad. For more substantial appetites, the menu offers dolphin (not Flipper, but a species of fish), salmon, and lobster. For something unusual, try filet of Jamaican jerk duck.

Stop in for lunch Mondays through Fridays. Dinner every night (closed Sundays during the Off Season).

Dockside at Inner Harbour Marina

Road Town, Tortola, BVI

Open: Mon-Fri for lunch 11 am-3 pm and daily for dinner from 6 pm.


Caravela (American) - Tortola, BVI

(284) 440-3440

The main resteraunt on Scrub Island is the one-of-a-kind Caravela Restaurant. Caravels were the type of ship used by Portuguese and Spanish explorers in the 15th Century. Prized for their speed, agility and sailing power, caravels were the finest sailing vessels of their day. Columbus' Nina was a caravela, and it is only fitting that the finest ship of the Age of Discovery represents the finest restaurant on this island of private delights. At your service for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Caravela restaurant exudes old world elegance. Our master chefs will guide you through a culinary adventure across Europe with classic dishes that have been re-imagined for a modern day culinary discovery.


Chillin' Cafe (Eclectic/International) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 9236
Chillin' Cafe

Waterfront dining offers the choice of an outdoor verandah setting or an air conditioned dining room. Specializing in Caribbean fusion: an exquisite blend of Latin, French, Italian & Caribbean cuisine.

Appetizers: Coconut prawns with honey dijon mustard, deep fried calamari, eggless ceasar salad, soup of the day.

Entrees: Salmon or Mahi Mahi pan-seared or grilled, blackened tuna, BBQ jerk ribs, steak, pork chops, lamb, lobster (in season), local lunch dishes like stewed oxtail with mixed vegetables and coleslaw or pan-fried or boiled snapper with green banana, fungi and sweet potato.

Monday - Friday 11 am-10 pm

Lunch & Dinner


Coco Plums (International) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 4672
Coco Plums

Located in Capoons Bay, West End, Coco Plums is casual dining in a funky atmosphere. Menu choices range from ribs, steak, fish to burgers, pasta and pizza.

Save room for really good home made desserts.


Courtyard Coffee Shoppe (Coffee Shops) - Tortola, BVI

Courtyard Coffee Shoppe

Quaint atmosphere, located on Main Street in Road Town. Espresso, cappucino, latte and sereral types of teas are made hot or cold. Local juices (soursop, mango, passionfruit) and Italian sodas. The coffee shoppe also has some pastries and toasted sandwiches. Not to be missed when available - Joy's cassava balls with hot mango chutney.


Eclipse Restaurant (Eclectic/International) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 1646
Eclipse Restaurant

Eclectic fusion cuisine with an extensive wine list. This is a comfortable environment in which to fully appreciate your evening. If you want to come and have a light snack with a glass of wine or if you would like to bask in a 5 course meal finishing with a fine cognac, if you like fine flavors eclipse is the place for you. Whether it is the food or the atmosphere, the staff or the view, you’ll love the Eclipse experience. With the garden lounge for cheese fondue and a couple of Gorgonzola Martini's to the sea side dining room, for a beautiful evening of extravagant flavors, Eclipse will be a place you remember as a perfect evening out.

Fat Hog's Bay. Reservations recommended. Open: Mon-Sat 5-10 pm (closed Aug)


Elm Beach Bar (Caribbean) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 2888
Elm Beach Bar

Fat Hog Bob's (Caribbean) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 1010
Fat Hog Bob's

Here is where you come if you are really hungry. Ribs and Lobster as the must haves and if you fancy 48 ounce steak… yes 48 ounces!

You can order from a selection of appetizers such as salt fish cakes and soups (including West Indian pumpkin).

The famed barbecued Danish baby back ribs, served at both lunch and dinner, are marinated in Guinness and then perfectly grilled with the chef's secret sauce. They're so tender that the meat literally falls off the bone.

If you don't want ribs for dinner, main courses include great catches from Anegada, not only lobster but also game fish, and steaks (including a juicy porterhouse) that will delight the Texan in you.

For dessert, the pumpkin cheesecake is an unexpected delight.

Water's edge dining, offering large portions, big screen satellite TV.

Open daily for breakfast 7-10 am, lunch/dinner 11 am- late.

Maya Cove, East End.


Fort Burt (Eclectic/International) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 2587
Fort Burt

Located in the historic Fort Burt Hotel at the edge of Road Town serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cool breezes in a covered open-air dining pavilion with a spectacular panoramic view of Road Harbour.

Lunch appetizers: Sesame-ginger tuna salad, calamari fritti.

Entrees: Seared salmon with a caper-lemon seasoned butter.

Dinner appetizers: Fresh mozzarella with black truffle vinaigrette.

Entrees: Grilled shrimp with coconut beurre blanc.

Daily 7 am-10 pm


Kong Ming Asian Terrace (Asian) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 1174
Kong Ming Asian Terrace

Enjoy fine Asian cuisine in a quiet, romantic, genuine Oriental setting.

Specialties: Chili chicken, Hong Kong prawns, Hakka chowmein, Manchurian fish, garlic eggplant.

Located at Harbour View Marina, East End.

Lunch 11 am-3 pm

Dinner 6 pm-10 pm


LeCabanon (French) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 8660

This breezy outdoor patio French restaurant and bar is a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

Offerings include herring salad, French onion soup, monkfish in chive butter sauce, veal kidneys, and grilled rib-eye steak with green peppercorn sauce.

Top your meal off with tasty desserts such as chocolate mousse, coconut mousse, cherry cheesecake, or a platter of French cheeses.

French bistro-style restaurant in the heart of Road Town

Open Mon-Fri 11:30 am-late, Sat 5 pm-late


Midtown Restaurant (Caribbean) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 2764
Midtown Restaurant

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and set in the heart of Road Town, this hangout offers typical local fare. Options including "souse" pig feet stew, sandwiches, fish soup, burgers, Johnny cake, boiled fish, conch fritters, salt fish, coconut ice cream, oxtail and items cooked to order. Local drinks include peanut punch and mauby. Try the pea soup (beans with pigtail).

Main Street at the head of Chalwell Street.


Mr. Fritz's Oriental Restaurant (Oriental) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 5592
Mr. Fritz's Oriental Restaurant

Mr. Fritz's Oriental Restaurant has varieties of Chinese food in an informal patio setting. Tortola's only Chinese restaurant, you will see carry out food from this restaurant in far locales.

Facing Waterfront Drive at Chalwell Street


Myett's Garden & Grille (Eclectic/International) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 9649
Myett's Garden & Grille

Open air dining, featuring fresh lobster, fish, shrimp, steak, vegetarian, and much more delicious food-grilled right before your eyes. This restaurant can get busy so wise to make a reservation. Enjoy the fun atmosphere, good food, and friendly staff!


Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch, 8 am - 3 pm

Sunset Happy Hour, 4-6 winter, 5-7 summer

Dinner, 6:30 - 10 pm; No last call, they close when the last customer leaves.


Pusser's Pub (Pizza) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 3897
Pusser's Pub

The very popular Pusser's Pub is set in a distinctive building that is a local landmark . Located on the ground floor and serving a great pizza!

Across from the ferry on Waterfront Street


Quito Gazebo (Caribbean) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 4837
Quito Gazebo

Perfect spot to relax and enjoy great local music! This rustic beachside bar and restaurant is owned and operated by Quito Rhymer, a multitalented BVI recording star who plays the guitar and sings on Tuesday and Thursday; he performs with his reggae band on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday is karaoke night!

The menu is Caribbean with an emphasis on fresh fish. Try the conch fritters or the chicken roti. Wednesday is fish-fry night, an event that brings out locals as well as tourists.

Open: Daily from 12 noon, Dinner 6:30-9:30pm

Visa/Mastercard/Amex accepted

Cane Garden Bay


Scrub Island Marina (American) - Tortola, BVI

(284) 440-3440
Scrub Island Marina

One can only imagine what Columbus would have thought had he arrived on our shores and tied up at Scrub Island Marina today. A "New World" would be quite an understatement. With everything today's yachtsman wants - plus the accoutrements and extravagances that make Scrub Island, well, Scrub Island - a visit to our marina, and our private island, is truly a modern day discovery. Our full-service, fully flushing, world-class marina provides 53 deep-water slips available for lease or transient docking, including five for mega-yachts. Centrally located in the heart of the resort, the Scrub Island Marina is just a short, beautiful stroll to the island's exclusive restaurants and exclusive retail shops, as well as the Marina Village rooms and suites.

This premier British Virgin Islands marina offers a host of amenities including:

Metered electricity, (110v/220v) with 30-amp, 50-amp, and 100amp


Supplies, ice and fresh water

Garbage disposal points

Restroom and shower facilities Coming Soon

Concierge services

For more information about Scrub Island Resort British Virgin Islands Marina, email reservations@mainsailbvi.com


Sebastian's Seaside Grill (Seafood) - Tortola, BVI

Sebastian's Seaside Grill

Located on Little Apple Bay, Sebastian's Seaside Grill has an award winning menu you don't want to miss! Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner while dinning inside by candlelight or outside on the terrace. Don't forget to sample Sebastian's famous Rum.


Skyward Food Theatre (Eclectic/International) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 9600
Skyward Food Theatre

Skyworld, one of the best restaurants on the island, continues to be all the rage.

On one of Tortola's loftiest peaks, at a breezy 400m (1,312 ft.), it offers views of both the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. The restaurant is divided into two sections -- a main dining room and a bar. Both sections offer the same menu.

The fresh fish chowder is an island favorite, as are other, oft-changing soups, including the famous pumpkin soup, a soup with peaches and coconuts, or another of champagne, coconut, and melons. The fresh fish of the day is your best bet. We've enjoyed the oven-baked yellowfin tuna with a tantalizing pistachio-and-sesame-seed crust. Try the island's best Key lime pie or the heavenly cheesecake for dessert.

Ridge Rd., Road Town


Sugar Mill (International) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 4355
Sugar Mill

In romantic candlelit dining, a typical evening's selection might begin with Lobster Bisque with Basil Croutons, Shrimp & Vegetable Skewers served over Caramelized Pineapple Salsa, or Warm Oyster Gratin with Smoked Bacon & Guinness Hollandaise. Main courses to tempt would be Salmon wrapped in Leek with Petit Pois Emulsion & Shaved Fennel Salad, Poached Lobster Salad a la Nicoise, Pan Roasted Duck Breast served with Asian Cole Slaw & Soba Noodles. For our Vegetarian diners, we offer entrées such as Wild Mushroom Empanadas with Fresh Pico de Gallo & Lime Cream Fraiche, Eggplant Creole with Caribbean Coconut Rice.

Open daily for dinner 7-9 pm.

Reservations required.


The Dove Restaurant & Wine Bar (French) - Tortola, BVI

284 494 0313
The Dove Restaurant & Wine Bar

This is one of the best places for haute cuisine in town. You can begin by sipping a martini under the shade of the restaurant's mango tree or else drink in a luxurious bar while listening to jazz. The small menu changes every week, but offers inventive dishes prepared both from locally grown and imported ingredients. Seafood is flown in fresh daily, and sushi and softshell crab appetizers appear frequently on the menu. Main course specialties include prawns seasoned with vanilla and jalapeño peppers or a five-peppercorn steak. The chef makes his own ice cream and sorbets, and a homemade chocolate soufflé is his specialty. A champagne happy hour is staged from 5 to 7 pm Tuesday to Saturday featuring $3 champagne cocktails, and the restaurant boasts Tortola's largest wine carte.

Housed in a 1912 gingerbread-trimmed cottage, the restaurant and jazz bar is filled with antiques. The menu—Thai green curry with prawns, spanakopita with a red-pepper concassé—provides a refreshing departure from other island restaurants.

Sophisticated and elegant dining serving gourmet cuisine

Open: Mon-Sat for Lunch 11:30 am-3:30 pm, Dinner 6-10 pm (Fri & Sat 6-11 pm)


The Jolly Roger (Seafood) - Tortola, BVI

284 495 4559
The Jolly Roger

This open-air bar and restaurant is a local favorite, and popular with sailors. Diners come for the stewed and cracked conch, unique pizzas, and great burgers, but the best thing about the Jolly Roger is the staff. Just stick your head into the kitchen and ask Wanda for one of her great omelets for breakfast (she's here for lunch, too). The house specialty is homemade Key lime pie -- don't miss it. Check the schedule or call to ask about the weekend Caribbean barbecue and live entertainment, put on several nights a week.

Open: Daily 8am-midnight (closed during Aug & Sep).

Visa/Mastercard/Amex accepted