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Tipping in the Caribbean: An Island by Island Guide

Tipping can be one of the trickiest parts of travel— some regions won’t accept tips at all, whereas others will tack on additional fees until you’re bone-dry. The Caribbean is made up of several different cultures and islands, and our team at WhereToStay wants to clear up any misconceptions or…

For Sale: President Trump's Caribbean Paradise

This month's spotlight goes to Le Château des Palmiers in St. Martin. Yahoo News recently reported that Le Château's notorious owner, President Donald Trump, has decided to sell the villa for a cool $28 million. POTUS described the villa as "one of the greatest mansions in the world" when he…

Family Friendly Carnivals In The Caribbean

The Caribbean is beaches, sun, sand, exotic locales and...carnivals? Most definitely. Carnivals aren't just crazy, costumed parties. They are a great way for you and your family to soak up a bit of local Caribbean culture, religion, history and food while having a lot of fun doing it. And yes,…
Every beach is beautiful in the Caribbean

Hitting the Caribbean from A to Z

There's no denying the fact there are endless things to see, foods to try, and places to experience in the Caribbean. Instead of listing a specific category, we thought it would be fun to find all these things for letters of the alphabet. Maybe we have too much time on…
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Top 9 Caribbean Bucket List Items - What’s Your #10?

Whether it’s a neatly organized Pinterest board, a scratched up legal pad list or a multi-page journal entry, most of us have crafted some sort life “wish list” of accomplishments we want to achieve before we kick the proverbial bucket. In our humble opinion, a bucket list just wouldn’t be…

You Miss A Lot When You Island Hop!

I sort of dig Caribbean cruises. I enjoy sampling different islands, I like the onboard activities, and I kind of love being able to eat every hour if I want to. That being said – there is one thing that will make me to rent an island villa over cruising…

A Vacation to Anguilla Gets Easier

Many Anguilla visitors are probably already familiar with FUNTIME Charters sea shuttle service. With their fleet of six powerboats, they provide shuttle service to and from St. Maarten airport, St. Barths, and offer private charters for excursions. Their new sea shuttle schedule has made it even more convenient to get…

La Samanna Gets a Makeover

St. Martin's beautiful La Samanna Villas has just completed their first phase of an $8 million makeover. 50 out of 83 of the air-conditioned guest rooms, suites and cottages were renovated with new furnishings, artwork and upgraded bathrooms. The second phase of renovations is set to begin in August,…
The look of a private resort with the privacy of a villa

Sandyline Villa

Nestled into the hillside in the exclusive private enclave of Terres Basses and just 20 mins from an international airport, Sandyline Villa is a newly completed world class, privately owned estate perfectly designed for entertaining. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea surrounded by gardens, this property presents the perfect blend of…