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Spain Estates and Castles Villa Collection

Spain Estates and Castles Villa Collection

Step into a world where history meets luxury in our Estates and Castles Collection. Each property is a treasure trove of stories, set within sprawling grounds that have often graced the pages of history books. But don’t let the ancient walls fool you; modern comforts abound. Expect meticulously restored interiors that maintain historical charm while incorporating luxe amenities. Imagine four-poster beds, grand fireplaces, and sumptuous velvet furnishings alongside cutting-edge technology and fine dining experiences.

Wander through private gardens where royalty once strolled, host a banquet in opulent dining halls, or sip fine wine in vaulted cellars. These estates and castles offer an array of unique experiences, whether you’re keen to try falconry, host a gala, or simply enjoy a quiet afternoon tea in a lavish drawing-room. And let’s not forget the service—staff are trained to provide a royal experience, fulfilling every request with the utmost discretion and attention to detail.

A Superb Private Villa With Direct Access To The Sea
Sea Breeze Estate photo

Ibiza, Spain

Near Beach | Pool | AC


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