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St. John Infinity Pools Villa Collection

St. John Infinity Pools Villa Collection

Ready for a slice of paradise where the sky meets the water in an endless embrace? Our Infinity Pool Villa Collection is where that magic happens. Each villa boasts a stunning infinity pool that creates the illusion of water flowing into the horizon, blurring the line between pool and sky. It’s the perfect place to unwind, whether you’re catching the sunrise with a morning swim or toasting to the sunset with a cocktail in hand. These villas aren’t just about the pools, though. Inside, you’ll find luxurious amenities and comfortable spaces that make it easy to relax and feel at home. From the moment you step in, you’ll realize this is more than a vacation—it’s an experience that elevates relaxation to an art form. Come dive into the ultimate luxury.

Estate Solenborg is simply an architectural masterpiece! This premier luxury villa is situated in the hills of north St. John with beautiful views and total privacy. It sleeps up to 14 ...
Estate Solenborg photo
1, 3 BR rates.

North Shore, St. John

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