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Virgin Gorda, BVI

Virgin Gorda, BVI Local Attractions

What to do in Virgin Gorda, BVI

There is an array of attractions on Virgin Gorda; just step outside and you'll find countless things to do. For starters, you should definitely check out the island's natural wonders, like The Baths. This area consists of a series of boulders that have created pools and grottos where you can swim and snorkel. Devil's Bay Beach is also worth a visit for more swimming and snorkeling, or just for lounging. You can also explore Virgin Gorda from your villa on foot, bike, or boat. More information about these attractions and many others is detailed below in the list.


Virgin Gorda, BVI Attractions Map


Local Attractions


Copper Mine (Historic Sites) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Copper Mine

Just recently declared a BVI National Park, the Copper Mine is one of Virgin Gorda’s most impressive landmarks. Veins of copper are visible on Virgin Gorda’s desolate southwest tip. The mine was constructed in 1837. The smoke stack, engine house, and shafts are now ruins but still there for people to explore today. Some of the shafts reach well over 200 feet below the sea level!


Gorda Peak (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Gorda Peak

At 1370 feet above sea level, Gorda Peak is the second highest peak in the British Virgin Islands. Renowned Philanthropist, Lawrence Rockefeller, donated the 265 acres of dry forest surrounding the peak to the National Park Trust in 1974. This dry forest is home to native reptiles, amphibians, birds and bats, making this park one of the most biologically diverse. Hike to the lookout tower at the peak for stunning, panoramic views of the BVIs.


Sailing (Sailing) - Virgin Gorda, BVI


There just one way to really experience the British Virgin islands - sailing them! Take advantage of the constant trade winds and charter a yacht or even a barebone boat . With islands close enough to navigate by site, the BVIs is a sailor's paradise. You'll find almost 500 square miles of crystal blue cruising area. Rent a Monohull, catamaran, even powerboat and sail from island to island.


Savannah Bay Beach (Beach) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Savannah Bay Beach

Savannah Bay is a prestine, unspoiled snorkeling cove near The Valley. This underwater National Park plays host to thousands reef fish and an array of colorful coral. You’ll have to bring your own gear because there aren’t any vendors renting equipment at this secluded beach. It’s also a popular spot for watersports because it’s protected by a continuous reef.


The Baths (Beach) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

The Baths

Located on the southern of of Virgin Gorda, the Baths is a collection of smooth, granite boulders that form a maze of caves, tunnels, sheltered grottos and warm pools that flow into the sea at high tide. You'll have to catch a ferry or a taxi boat to get there. It's a great snorkeling spot and also a popular spot for yachts to anchor. Go north to see Spring Bay and Big Trunk Bay, or wind through the maze of boulders to the south and you'll find to Devil's Beach.


The Baths-Virgin Gorda

Big Ting Fishing and Island Excursions (Tours/Excursions) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

284 541 2837
Big Ting Fishing and Island Excursions

Big Ting offers world-class sport fishing at its best in the British Virgin Islands. This Bertram 42' participates in the top fishing tournament in the Leeward Islands and is often used as the designated boat to carry out the ESPN World Wide Fishing Team with Captain Norman Isaac.

Big Ting is professionally equipped from fishing rods to experienced crew to guarantee you an awesome fishing day. Fish often caught range from Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna and various billfish including the famed Atlantic Blue Marlin.


Devil's Bay Beach (Beach) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Devil's Bay Beach

This beautiful National Park beach is accessible by boat or by walking through the trails of The Baths. The beach is pure white sand and sprinkled with large granite boulders. Its deep blue waters make for excellent diving and snorkeling.


Golden Palms Wellness Spa (Spa) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

284 494 0138 or 284 499-1804
Golden Palms Wellness Spa

Long Bay Beach Resort

PO Box 680, Road Town, Tortola, BVI


Little Fort National Park (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Little Fort National Park

Little Fort National Park on Virgin Gorda is just south of Yacht Harbour. It was the site of a Spanish fortress and some masonry walls still exist on the hillside, including the ruins of a structure called the Powder House. The 36-acre area is also a wildlife sanctuary, where you can see some amazing and unique flora and fauna.


Mahoe Bay Beach (Beach) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Mahoe Bay Beach

This remote quiet beach with vivid blue water is located north of Savannah Bay. The bay lies at the end of a tropically landscaped drive leading to a restaurant, beach resorts, and villas. It's gentle sandy curves and two picturesque reefs afford wonderful water activities.


North Sound (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

North Sound

North Sound is the general term used to describe all the land- and sea-based locations near Virgin Gorda’s northern tip. North Sound proper is the protected, circular body of water formed by the narrow northernmost finger of Virgin Gorda, together with a smattering of small islands that protect it from ocean swells. It is almost always calm, and usually a beehive of marine activity.

The tiny, colorful village of North Sound overlooks this body of water. Homes here seem to cling to the hillside, and the rum shacks that look deserted during the day turn lively at night. On Sundays, church bells ring out over the valley. During the week, children walk to the Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary School on the Leverick Bay Road. The North Sound post office is believed to be the world’s smallest.

Even smaller, Gun Creek sits at sea level facing the ferry dock that links Virgin Gorda with the islands and bays that circle North Sound. Here you will find a small grocery, the North Sound clinic, and a few more bars.

With its manicured gardens, electric gates, and named estate houses, Leverick Bay stands in contrast to North Sound and Gun Creek.

There are no roads past Gun Creek, so you must explore North Sound by boat. Biras Creek, Bitter End, and several restaurants on other North Sound islands provide free ferry service for guests wanting to explore their properties (and eat or drink in their restaurants). You can also rent a small boat and putter around North Sound on your own. If you’re an adventurous soul (and capable boater), you will have a great time roaming around the quiet bays, empty beaches, and beach bars of North Sound.


Princess I Fishing Charters (Fishing) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

284 495 7480
Princess I Fishing Charters

Offering deep sea fishing trips, 31' and 38' Bertram and Bradley, full and half day trips, as well as trips to Beef Island, Anegada and island tours, rates available on request.


Rock Cafe (Nightlife) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

284 495 5482
Rock Cafe

Nestled amongst the rocks between the Baths and Spanish Town, The Rock Café provides this popular BVI tourist destination with fine Italian cuisine and Caribbean dishes served in an open-air setting and where you can find waterfalls cascading down the famous boulder of Virgin Gorda. Open at 4 p.m. seven days a week for dinner, The Rock Café offers casual dining, moonlight parties, exciting entertainment, and nonstop sports from all around the world.

Live music every night. This is the place to be!

Dine on the great food, and dance the night away!


Spanish Town (Historic Sites) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Spanish Town

Some say that Virgin Gorda’s main settlement, Spanish Town, got its name from the Spaniards who settled there in the early 1500s. Others say that Spanish Town is a corruption of the early name, Penniston, which the settlement was named.

In 1680, Spanish Town became the first seat of government in the British Virgin Islands. At the time, the town was a little more than an outpost—it became the capital only because the man nominated to be governor lived there. In 1717, the first census of the island found 317 whites living on Virgin Gorda and 303 blacks, more than were living on Tortola at the time. In 1742, the capital of the territory moved to Tortola, where it has remained since.

Today, Spanish Town is one of the most picturesque villages in the British Virgin Islands. Unrestrained by hills, it sprawls along a gentle slope, an attractive mix of homes, shops, churches, and schools. It is a nice place to walk as long as you avoid the brutal midday hours when the sun bores down from above. Islanders swear that the sun is hotter on Virgin Gorda, and they may be right.

A particularly nice walk follows Crabbe Hill Road along the “back” of the Valley, closest to the western shore. Just past the turnoff to the airport is the Methodist Church, one of the oldest churches in the British Virgin Islands. Some of the graves at the adjoining burial ground are marked with conch shells. Just past the Methodist Church is the local library and a little farther is the community clinic. St. Mary’s Episcopal Church sits on the brow of the hill and is another of the very earliest buildings on Virgin Gorda.


Spring Bay National Park (Parks/Gardens) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

Spring Bay National Park

Spring Bay National Park, located about half a mile from the Baths, has the same captivating landscape and beautiful beach as the Baths, but often with far fewer people. This beach is especially popular with island residents who don't want to fight the crowds at the Baths or make the trek down to the beach. The boulders here are a little smaller and less concentrated than at the Baths, but they are still lots of fun to swim around and explore. There are picnic tables and trash cans here, but no bathroom facilities.

Look for signs to Spring Bay just before Guavaberry Spring Bay Apartments on the road to the Baths. Park in the lot, and follow the trail about 20 yards to the beach.

Look for the trail that departs from the right-hand (northern) end of Spring Bay to get to Valley Trunk Bay, an exquisite white sand beach bordered by private homes.


Spring Bay Beach-Virgin Gorda

The Bitter End Yacht Club (Nightlife) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

284 494 2745 or 800 872 2392
The Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End Yacht Club has live music on Fridays. Accessible only by boat, this is the best bar on the island. With its dark wood, it evokes an English pub and even serves British brews. Call to see what's happening at the time of your visit.


The Coppermine (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

The Coppermine

Just recently declared a BVI National Park, the Copper Mine is one of Virgin Gorda’s most impressive landmarks. Veins of copper are visible on Virgin Gorda’s desolate southwest tip. The mine was constructed in 1837. The smoke stack, engine house, and shafts are now ruins but still there for people to explore today. Some of the shafts reach well over 200 feet below the sea level!


The Palm Tree Gallery (Art Gallery) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

284 495 7479
The Palm Tree Gallery

The Palm Tree Gallery has the most comprehensive and unique collection of Caribbean art and gifts in the islands featuring handcrafted gold and silver jewelry, stunning ceramics and sculptures, paintings, and accessories by many well known artists as well as recordings by local musicians.


Wreck Week (Snorkeling/Diving) - Virgin Gorda, BVI

 Dates: 10/29/2008 to 10/29/2008
Wreck Week

Organized by the BVI Scuba Organization, Wreck Week coincides with the anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Rhone, one of the islands' most famous wrecks.

A variety of fun activities include wreck diving, pumpkin carving contests, treasure hunts and beach barbecues, but the event also addresses several environmental issues with schemes like the PADI project aware reef and beach clean-up day, designed to raise awareness among the public.

Interested divers can take up courses to obtain the wreck diving certificate, available from the UBS Dive Centre in Road Town, Tortola.