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Know Before You Go...

Calypso Villa is the perfect house on a perfect hill for a pair of traveling couples or a small family with slightly older children. It's located in the Anse des Cayes neighborhood and situated to look right out over the water--you just won't get tired of the views. The villa itself is made up of two bedrooms on each end of the house, a living room, a very fine kitchen, an outdoor patio with lounge chairs & an 8-seat dining table, with a pool/pool deck with a Jacuzzi on the left edge. Between the pool, Jacuzzi, entertainment spaces, and the location of it all, Calypso really sets some standards when it comes to a St. Barts vacay. For time by the water, it is only a 10-minute drive to St. Jean Beach, plus there are many other beaches and scenes to explore.

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Like the buoyant, lilting rhythms and melodies of calypso music, Villa Calypso is effortlessly elegant and classically Caribbean. Its charm and romance have a timeless appeal, making you comfortable in your island home as soon as you arrive. This luxury rental property embodies the spirit of old St. Barth, with its red tiled roof, warm woods, antiques, wicker lounge chairs, and overstuffed upholstered couches. It is a traditional refuge for those who would like something warmer and homier than the sleek minimalism that informs the design of many villas.

Located in the secluded waterfront neighborhood of Anse des Cayes, Villa Calypso consists of a large living room with romantic bedrooms on either side. Each of these rooms opens directly onto an expansive terrace, with beautiful views of the sparkling bay down below. Breezes waft into the spacious but cozy-feeling living room that features an open kitchen and bar counter behind it. Several dining tables occupy shaded areas outside, and in the sun there are lounge chairs, a pool, and a Jacuzzi.

The bedrooms are pristine and romantic with canopied beds (one of them a classic four-poster) and large bathrooms decorated with a pretty mix of marble and dark wood. But the views from their windows are beguiling enough that it is unlikely you will spend much time looking at the interiors.