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Know Before You Go...

Don't let the name of this immaculate villa deter you; Seaweed Villa in the Pointe Milou area is one of the island's nicest private rentals. Every detail has been considered here, and the contemporary decor is relaxing and serene. The 2 bedrooms are equally sized, so it is a great place for one or two couples. The views are what will really stay with you, though. Look out from the pool terrace and enjoy endless ocean and island views as you swim, sunbathe, or just relax in the tropical breezes.

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Serenity and stunning ocean views!

Located at the extreme end of Pointe Milou's headland, Seaweed Villa was carefully considered in its planning stages. The garden, created by the landscape gardener Frederic de Sainte Preuve, uses influences of Barragan, leaving nothing at random. Every plant has been meticulously selected; each plant's location was decided with precise definition, so the ideal layout could be achieved. Seaweed Villa's gardens play an integral part in the villa's history.

On the entrance side, glass panes from Brazil surround the villa which shine to those passing by. The zinc roofs are reminiscent of old Paris, contrasting charmingly with the metal structures supporting large white canvas awnings. From the garden side of the villa, the view is amazing: St Jean Bay, the island of St. Martin, the outlying islets and the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see. Everything has its well-defined space: the swimming pool, the pond, the fountain.

The interior decor is simple and modern. The use of materials blends well in the floors, the bathrooms, and the dining room table. Roofs, beds, and the closet doors of the dressing rooms are made from wood of the same tone of color; a charming interior where white, beige, and brown colors combine. Antique Chinese furniture, Buddhas from China, two Brancus wooden stools, a Georges Nelson bench, Charles Eames chairs ... Seaweed Villa offers charming design.

Bedroom 1: 1 king bed, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, en-suite bath. Very modern style, wonderful view, opens to private terrace.

Bedroom 2: 1 king bed, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, en-suite bath. Similar to bedroom #1 with private terrace.