About WhereToStay.com

WhereToStay.com literally put the Caribbean islands on the World Wide Web's proverbial map. Charting a course for success, the world's largest online guide for Caribbean accommodations expands to cover the world.

In 1995 WhereToStay.com began as a travel guide, with its mission to help travelers easily navigate through thousands of pages of accurate yet concise information about hotels and resorts of all sizes. While offering "good sand advice" to travelers is still a priority, WhereToStay.com now extends this courtesy to properties too, as a marketing consultant and solutions provider.

Hotel properties post photos, rates and promotions to generate commission-free reservations. Given our numerous links and innovative marketing strategies, properties find WhereToStay.com serves as one of the best resources to drive traffic to their web sites. To prove it, WhereToStay.com utilizes its dynamic database to track all of the page views, reservation requests and links to property URLs--numbers that hotel properties can access at any time.

Next, luxury vacation villas set sail under the WhereToStay.com flag in 2001. WhereToStay.com villa representatives live in the Islands and know the villas inside and out unlike many agents that scope them out from oceans away.

The traveler review star-rating system, however, truly points our readers in the right direction, with unbiased, and verifiable travel accounts. No fancy bells and whistles on our Internet pages can cover up a property that's in need of a little polish. So if you've got your site set on a sunny vacation, mark the spot. We'll not only help you figure out where you're going, we'll help you decide WhereToStay!

Founded in 1995, WhereToStay.com continues to grow. This early entry into the web's travel market resulted in innumerable links and high search engine rankings.

WhereToStay.com's visibility on the Internet helps travelers find hotel's web sites and puts smaller properties on the web that can't afford expensive advertising campaigns.

Complex technology and sophisticated programming makes pages easy to navigate (with thousands of pages virtually one-click away). Travelers and travel agents alike can cross-compare properties and decide WhereToStay!

American staff members relocate to the islands in order to provide travelers with first-hand information about WhereToStay.com's handpicked luxury vacation villas. This local presence ensures that both travelers and villa representatives receive personalized service.

WhereToStay.com receives international acclaim, named in articles ranging from National Geographic Traveler's, "5 Best Travel Websites" and Forbes' "Best of the Web."

The first travel web site to feature traveler reviews, WhereToStay.com redefined the industry, giving travelers a voice and hotels unbiased feedback. Reviews are closely monitored and tracked by an editing staff to ensure legitimacy and accountability.