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Belize Local Attractions

What to do in Belize

While the rentals on Belize are practically self-sustaining for entertainment and relaxation, you'll be selling your vacation short if you don't venture out of your hotel or villa once in awhile to take full advantage of the myriad of things to do in Belize. You may want to explore the parks or the Belize Zoo. If you're feeling adventurous, try the Belize Zip Line Canopy Tour, but if you just want some fun without the fear factor, spend a day shopping for duty-free souvenirs and sampling some of the exotic culinary treats. The hotels and resorts have concierge service that can help you make plans, and many of the villas either offer their own concierges or work in partnership with larger accommodations to provide a similar service. You may also be able to request information about things to do when you book your Belize accommodations.


Belize Attractions Map


Local Attractions


Altun-Ha Mayan ruins (Tours/Excursions) - Belize


From the Belize City it take about 45 minutes norht of Belize city to drive there. Altun-ha is an mayan ruin just perfect for the family to visit


Bet on a Chicken Drop (Gambling) - Belize

You read that correctly! Numbers are painted on a grid and bets are placed. Then, watch as a chicken is set loose over a wire mesh screen suspended over the grid. You "win" if you're lucky enough to have placed a bid on the square of the chicken's first "drop." This is a Catch 22, however -- the "winner" is often the one who must clean the grid! Event held nightly at the Pier Lounge on Ambergris Caye.


Birdwatching in Ambergris Caye (Sightseeing) - Belize


It's all the rage here in Belize! A large variety of birds can be found all along the lagoon or in the small mangrove cayes scattered in the north of the island. Catch a glimpse of over 500 species of birds on a birding expedition. Small and personalized bird watching tours available. What a distinct way to see Belize!


Cacao Trail and Blue Creek Cave Day Tour in Toledo (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Belize

(501) 722-2129
Cacao Trail and Blue Creek Cave Day Tour in Toledo

Beginning at around 8.30 in the morning we will drive you through the pristine villages of the Toledo District to discover the 100% organic cacao farms. You will learn how the cacao tree is grown from the little seedlings to the cacao pod bearing trees. You will also find out what is involved in collecting the cacao pods that are harvested, how the fermentation process works so you end up with cacao beans and how the Mayan traditional drink is prepared. You will also learn about various plants and trees that are grown amongst the cacao trees and the mutual benefits of this association. The farmers will explain the history of the farms and the land that organic cacao is grown on. At the end of the Cacao Trail Tour, you will be served the original Mayan Cacao drink to taste the sweetness for yourself.

For lunch you will be going to the beautiful village of Big Falls to enjoy a traditional Belizean lunch at Coleman's Café. Choose from a variety of local dishes, from curry rice and yellow ginger to rice and beans with baked chicken, pork or beef. After this hearty lunch, you will depart en route to Blue Creek Village. Here you will leave your vehicle behind and experience a beautiful 20 minute walk along the Blue Creek River passing through jungle and crossing a river bed, so be sure to keep your eyes open for iguanas, and a variety of birds. Blue Creek Cave, formed around 200 million years ago, has a river emerging from the mouth of the cave. And this is where you and your guide will jump in to the cool crystal clear water and swim/float inside the cave. You will discover breath taking limestone formations on your journey into the cave and on your float back out. Blue Creek Cave is a truly unforgettable experience!!!


Cave Tubing at Jaguar Paw (Tours/Excursions) - Belize


Hike through the jungle in Belize City, and learn all about the existing flora and fauna and tidbits of Mayan history. Afterwards, grab your inner tube and enter one of the tunnels where you'll float through a system of caves at the Cave Branch River. Guided tour. Headlamp, drybag and inner tube provided.


Chaa Creek Inland Expeditions (Tours/Excursions) - Belize


As one of the largest and most experienced tour operators in Belize, we can arrange an itinerary to any part of Belize, including the coast and cayes, as well as to Petén, Guatemala, to suit a wide variety of individual interests. The combination of our on-site familiarization programs, activities and comprehensive knowledge of Belize makes Chaa Creek the perfect choice for experiencing this fascinating part of the world.


Come and kayak on Rio Grande in Southern Belize!! (Tours/Excursions) - Belize

(501) 722-2129
Rio Grande

As you start kayaking down the majestic Rio Grande, one of the five main rivers in the Toledo District that empties out in the Caribbean Sea, be on the lookout for a variety of exotic wildlife; including howler monkeys, crocodiles, birds and many more. After about half an hour you will arrive at the TIDE Private Lands Ranger Station at Starcher property. Here you will be able to take a tour of the Ranger Station and botanical garden while one of the Range's talks to you about TIDE's conservation work in the area. When you finish at the Ranger Station you continue downstream to find a nice place where you can have your lunch and rest a little. After lunch you will continue paddling towards Punta Gorda. Be sure to keep an eye out for manatees in the water, as you continue your journey to the welcoming Caribbean Sea. See the smiling faces of the local fishermen as they enjoy their fishing trip. Your journey comes to an end at the TIDE dock in Hopeville. Your guide will load the kayaks back on to the trailer and take you back to your hotel.


Cyrila's Chocolate Factory and Barranco (Garifuna) Village (Tours/Excursions) - Belize

(501) 722-2129
Casava bread making table

Cyriila's Chocolate factory in locally own organic cacao farm that produce chocolate bars, cocoa powder, and cacao wine under the label Cyrila's Chocolate, all from cacao grown on their family farm. During your visit you will learn how Cyrila and Abelina make chocolate from scratch on a matate (grinding stone) made of volcanic rock. You will help them crack and winnow the beans, grind in local allspice, sugar, and vanilla, and sample your completed work. After all your hard work in Chocolate Factory you will have Kaldo, the traditional Mayan food. When you finish this unforgettable lunch you will go to Barranco Village for a guided tour. You will visit the Garifuna Museum and local Garifuna Da Buyamba Temple and learn about the Garifuna culture. Also you will be taken to Mrs Igma's farm to experience the secrets of making cassava bread, the traditional food of the Garifuna people. You will return to Punta Gorda around 4 pm full of new experiences and knowledge about ancient chocolate making techniques and Barranco Garifuna Village


Diving & Fishing at Ambergris Caye (Fishing) - Belize


Beautiful Ambergris Caye, the largest of several hundred cayes (islands) located in the northern most waters of Belize, Central America. This narrow strip of paradise surrounded by the azure Caribbean, is approximately 36 miles long and was once a part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is believed that the Mayans occupied the area over 1500 years ago and dug a narrow channel to separate Ambergris Caye from Mexico.

Early this century, the fishing industry was the island's number one income earner. Beginning in the 1970's the fishing industry gradually slipped on the backburner when the islanders realized that their isla bonita (beautiful island) was attracting a steady flow of visitors who came to enjoy sandy beaches, breathtaking waters and the unique hospitality of its inhabitants. With a present day population of approximately 7,000 in the town of San Pedro plus the island's enchanting combination of mangrove forests, tropical savannahs, lagoons, and sparkling white beaches, it is no wonder that this island has become Belize's most popular tourist destination.


Diving in Ambergris Caye (Snorkeling/Diving) - Belize

Blue Hole

Spectacular coral formations along the length of Ambergris Caye abound, including canyons, grottoes and tunnels. Here, you'll find more sharks, rays, porpoise and turtle than you will the more common reef fishes. Ambergris is the largest and most popular of the offshore cayes, with calm waters that are full of dense coral and lush reef growth with visibility up to 150 feet. Most dive operators making trips to the barrier reef off Ambergris Caye frequent sites that offer both great diving and variety. Ambergris Caye is part of a chain of islands that all have one thing in common -- barely one mile in front and to the east, one can find the most astounding scuba diving and snorkeling on the second largest barrier reef of the world. And here, you'll find even more dive sites!


Fly Fishing (Fishing) - Belize

It's a fly fisherman's dream in Belize. While the northern cayes and inlets have established themselves as the dominant fishing posts, the southern regions extending from Placencia to Punta Gorda are quickly gaining a reputation in international fly fishing circles. Permit, bonefish, and tarpon are the marquee species, and Belize touts a strong presence of tarpon, especially. Averaging 50 pounds in the winter and over a hundred in the summer, these swimmers are quite a catch!


Fly Fishing in Punta Gorda (Fishing) - Belize

(501) 722-2129
Catch of the day

For those seeking permit on the fly, then the waters of Southern Belize are arguably the finest in the entire world of saltwater fishing. While other species are found throughout the area, it should be understood that the fishing in Punta Gorda is focused on permit. There are hundreds of prime permit flats in the area, many less than twenty minutes boat ride from Punta Gorda Town. Aside from being a fantastic permit fishery, Punta Gorda offers a number of other opportunities for those seeking diversity. The outer reef islands (the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve) offer opportunities for bonefish and can be well worth the hour-long run on the boat. Relatively untouched and numerous, the bonefish on the outer Cayes average two to three pounds, with six to eight pound fish occasionally found. The rivers of the Punta Gorda region offer seasonal fishing for snook, large jacks, and tarpon. The best season for fishing is between November and July. However permit fly fishing can be done all year around.


Hiking at Chaa Creek (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Belize

Chaa Creek has a picturesque trail network that will take you to many different areas of our 365-acre forest reserve. All of the trails are numbered as shown on our comprehensive trail map. For your comfort, we suggest hiking boots or tennis shoes and sunscreen or a cap.

Feel free to explore on your own and at your leisure or join a guided tour and interact with an exotic tropical environment.


Lubaantun (Historic Sites) - Belize


Lubaantun (place of the fallen stones) is the largest Mayan ceremonial centre in the Toledo District, located near the village of San Pedro Columbia above a tributary to the Columbia River. Built in the Late Classic Period it consists of eleven major structures, grouped around five main plazas, and is unique in that it was built entirely without the aid of mortar.

Learn about the famous Crystal Skull which was discovered at the site and talk to Mr Santiago Coc, the caretaker, who assisted with the 1970 Cambridge excavations of the site. He will happily show you the latest finds as well as telling you some of the Mayan legends.


Maya Village Homestay (Lessons) - Belize


Want a chance to do more than just observe Maya culture? Here is an authentic chance to really experience it, firsthand. The Maya Village Homestay Network encourages travelers to visit traditional Maya villages by staying in the homes of the Maya Indians. Stay with a family in the villages of Aguacate, San Jose and Na Luum Ca. The family will provide you with meals, a hammock, and involvement in daily lifestyle activities such as tortilla preparation, farming, and land tilling. Truly hands on, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Roaring River Golf and Accomodation (Golf Course) - Belize

001 501 664 5441

Belize's only golf course on the mainland, offers affordable golfing in a garden setting. The course is home to 120 different species of birds, fish, crocodiles, iguana's and other wildlife.

Situated just outside Belmopan on the beautiful Roaring river.

Clubs, balls, cold drinks all available as well. Also on site is a top class restaurant and accommodation.


Saturday Market (Shop) - Belize

Streetside along the seafront, take a stroll through a Belizean market. Held four times a week, the largest and most lively is held on Saturday mornings, beginning at 6 am. Villagers from around the Toledo District occupy small stalls or set up displays lining the street and selling homegrown fruits and vegetables and handmade crafts and baked goods. This will really give you a flavor--firsthand-- of the local diversity and a chance to interact with local residents.


Snorkeling at Caye Caulker (Snorkeling/Diving) - Belize


Caye Caulker located one mile west of Belize Barrier Reef where snorkeling is world class! From your first glimpse underwater, you are in a totally different world - brightly colored fish, sponges, corals, and other creatures everywhere! We offer it all and at very competitive prices. Thousands snorkel our reef and surrounding areas every year and all have wonderful comments when they leave.


The Spa at Chaa Creek (Spa) - Belize


Set above Belize’s Macal River in the midst of a private 365-acre nature reserve with a panoramic view of the Mayan Mountains and lush Caribbean rainforest, the Spa at Chaa Creek offers a tranquil and extraordinary sensory experience that promotes harmony between inner and outer self.

Our specialized therapists will help you choose from a variety of personalized treatments designed to enhance individual beauty while promoting health and a sense of wellbeing.

Your spa experience will take on greater dimensions as you enjoy Chaa Creek Reserve activities such as swimming and canoeing, horseback riding and hiking. Naturalist guides will help put you in tune with your surroundings to ensure a truly unique, invigorating rainforest experience.


Toledo CacaoFest 2007 (Festival) - Belize

The Toledo Cacao Festival is an annual cultural event held in the Toledo District of Southern Belize, giving you a taste of our rich blend of nature, adventure, and culture!

Follow the Cacao Trail and visit the traditional Mayan villages nestled throughout Toledos chocolate country to see how cacao is grown and learn more about this food of the gods, and then continue on to one of Toledos many beautiful natural attractions.

Spend a magical torchlight evening at the intimate Mayan site of Lubaantun, bringing the mystery of the Maya to life in an evening of drama, dance and music.

Over the weekend, Punta Gorda - the capital of the Toledo District of Belize - bustles with a celebration of the Taste of Toledo, with a festival of local arts and crafts using natural materials, cacao products from tea to herbal medicines - and, of course, chocolate. With local cookery competitions and cookery demonstrations by internationally-acclaimed chefs, an exclusive chocolate and wine-tasting event, and childrens activities there is fun for everyone the entire weekend!

Come and taste Toledos rich blend of nature, adventure, and culture!

Email info@ToledoChocolate.com for more information! Website coming shortly....


Zip line and cave tubing (Hiking/Walking/Exploring) - Belize


Eight of us booked an excursion on line from Dennis and had a great experience. He took us cave tubing for about 25 minutes and then those who wanted went zip-lining on over 6 lines through the jungle canopy. Dennis was very good to answer my questions by e-mail and to calm our fears about being in the jungle. I felt totally safe and Dennis was full of jokes and conversation. The price was half what the cruise ship charged and we had a much smaller group and more personal attention. I highly reccommend booking with him.He promised to get us back to the ship in plenty of time and he did.!