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Why Costa Rica?

  • Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world's biodiversity.
  • Costa Rica is known as "The Switzerland of Central America".
  • Costa Rica is the only country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army.
  • Costa Rica is the greenest country in the world.
  • In Costa Rica, there is a national park for every 500 square kilometers.

Transportation on Costa Rica

Getting to Costa Rica and getting around. Our transportation tips will help make your trip smoother. More good sand advice.

Costa Rica Weddings and Honeymoons

Vacationers don’t just stay in Costa Rica villas - they come to paradise to get married and celebrate their honeymoons!

See our favorite villas for weddings.

Know Before You Go...® - Costa Rica Travel Tips

Before making their way to Costa Rica villas, vacationers like to know a little bit of helpful information to make them feel more at home during their stay. Take a look at our travel tips to make your time in villas in Costa Rica even more relaxing.

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Official Language:
The official language of Costa Rica is Spanish, which is spoken by the majority of the population. However, there are also several indigenous languages spoken by smaller communities, such as Bribrí, Cabécar, and Boruca. English is widely spoken in tourist
What is the currency in Costa Rica? The currency in Costa Rica is the Colon. The exchange rate varies but as a rule of thumb 1 US Dollars equal 550 Colones. Are US Dollars and credit cards accepted? US Dollars and credit cards are widely accepted in Los Sueños and throughout Costa Rica.
Tipping and Taxes:
Tipping and taxes in Costa Rica are an important aspect of the country's service industry and economy. In general, tipping is not expected in Costa Rica, as a 13% sales tax is already included in most goods and services. However, tipping is becoming more common in tourist areas and for exceptional service. The 13% sales tax, known as the Value Added Tax (VAT), is applied to most purchases in Costa Rica, including food, drinks, accommodations, and transportation. This tax is generally included in the price listed on menus or receipts. It is important to note that some businesses may add an additional 10% service charge to the bill, which is not required but is a common practice. In terms of tipping, it is not customary to leave a tip at restaurants, as a 10% service charge is already included in the bill. However, if the service was exceptional, a small tip of 5-10% is appreciated. For other services such as taxis, tour guides, and hotel staff, tipping is not expected but is appre
Dress Code:
The dress code in Costa Rica is typically casual yet conservative, with lightweight and comfortable clothing suitable for warm weather.
Costa Rica has a diverse topography that includes volcanic mountains, tropical rainforests, and beautiful beaches along its Pacific and Caribbean coasts.
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