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Grenada Honeymoon Villa Collection

Grenada Honeymoon Villa Collection

Grenada Luxury Villas for Honeymoons

Stay in one of these luxurious villas in Grenada for your honeymoon, and you can expect a romantic vacation in completely private and secluded bliss. If there ever was a more appropriate time to rent out a peaceful villa, it’s your honeymoon. Depending on the specific accommodation, you could potentially enjoy direct access to the beach, freshwater pools, beach bars, gazebos and even full kitchen and housekeeping staff, so the two of you need not lift a single finger. The breathtaking ocean views combined with the countless upscale amenities that come with these private villas is a surefire formula for intimacy.
Book your accommodations at, and let us do most of the legwork for you after. Our superior concierge service will help you take care of the minute little details, like airport transfers, car rentals, restaurant reservations and more, so you can celebrate your newfound union without the added stress of planning for travel!

There's really no island quite like Calivigny. This gem was purchased in 2000 by a couple who wanted to create a first-class oasis with every luxury imaginable. They did just that ...
Calivigny Island is located just south of Woburn Bay, Grenada
20 BR rate.


Beachfront | Pool | AC

The Beach House is the biggest and most impressive accommodation on the island. If you want to vacation in style, this house is for you. There's 9 suites, a freeform pool, ...
The Beach House at Calivigny Island
7 BR rate.


Beachfront | Pool | AC | Resort Villa


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