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Views of Sandy Island after Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Can't Beat Us!

Major news platforms would have you believe that the Caribbean is beyond repair, but that's far from true. The internet is plastered with images of islands covered by surge waves, shoddy buildings, and road debris. What the media isn't showing is encouraging stories of the islands' recovery-- good news doesn't…

Diving with Dougie in Anguilla!

When we have a chance to go diving, Thom and I almost always jump on it. And for diving trips in Anguilla, Doug "Dougie" Carty is the "go to" guy. Thom and I were recently on the island, and we both knew that at some point between villa visits, spear…

Kite Surfing on Anguilla: an Unforgettable Experience

Anguilla is an amazing vacation destination known for its beautiful beaches, luxury accommodations, and amazing food but did you know that it's also a popular spot for kitesurfing enthusiasts? Shawna and I usually like to relax when we getaway to the islands, but this time we brought our teenage son…
Every beach is beautiful in the Caribbean

Hitting the Caribbean from A to Z

There's no denying the fact there are endless things to see, foods to try, and places to experience in the Caribbean. Instead of listing a specific category, we thought it would be fun to find all these things for letters of the alphabet. Maybe we have too much time on…

Three Caribbean Hot Spots to Get Hitched

Destination weddings have become all the rage in rage in recent years. And with good reason – powder soft sand and the azure Caribbean Sea make for a pretty decent wedding photo backdrop. If you’ve dreamed of your impending nuptials taking place in an idyllic island setting, you might want…
woman reading on Caribbean beach

Top Ten Caribbean Themed Reads For The Summer

Summer will be here before you can say “cannonball!”. You may not be headed to the Caribbean this summer (though you really should!). However, reading Caribbean-themed books by the pool or beach can transport you mentally – and that’s almost the same, right? Okay, so it’s not the same at…

You Miss A Lot When You Island Hop!

I sort of dig Caribbean cruises. I enjoy sampling different islands, I like the onboard activities, and I kind of love being able to eat every hour if I want to. That being said – there is one thing that will make me to rent an island villa over cruising…

Six Caribbean Islands - Six Family Friendly Ways to Enjoy Them!

Family vacations seem to have gotten more exciting since I was a kid. Though our annual 12-hour trek to the nearest beach was nothing short of monumental, today smaller world affords more realistic opportunities for family travel. Fleeing cold climates for a Caribbean escape is commonplace, and kid-friendly activities are…

Five Idyllic Escapes to Get Your Heart Racing

While the masses wax romantic with candy and roses, we believe this infamous sweetheart's day is best spent with the sand between your toes and a rum punch in your hand. Where better than the Caribbean to spend complete seclusion with the one you love? Here are five ideal escapes…

A Vacation to Anguilla Gets Easier

Many Anguilla visitors are probably already familiar with FUNTIME Charters sea shuttle service. With their fleet of six powerboats, they provide shuttle service to and from St. Maarten airport, St. Barths, and offer private charters for excursions. Their new sea shuttle schedule has made it even more convenient to get…

Dolce Vita - Don't Leave Anguilla Without It!

When visiting the Caribbean, its a given to find delectable Caribbean cuisine. What you might not expect is to sample perhaps the best Italian food that has ever crossed your palate. Dolce Vita is located at Sandy Ground in Anguilla. While one of the newer restaurants on the island, it…