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Don’t Just Vacation, Carnival!

Carnival celebrations are seemingly synonymous with the Caribbean. However, the tradition of Carnival began in the Catholic region of medieval Italy. Just before Lent, they held a huge costume festival. Since Catholics weren’t allowed to eat meat during Lent, they named their festival “Carnevale”, meaning “to put away meat”. Over…

You Miss A Lot When You Island Hop!

I sort of dig Caribbean cruises. I enjoy sampling different islands, I like the onboard activities, and I kind of love being able to eat every hour if I want to. That being said – there is one thing that will make me to rent an island villa over cruising…
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Seaborne Airlines to begin new San Juan service

The St. Croix-based carrier will continue to provide flights into San Juan's smaller Isla Grande Airport near the Puerto Rico Convention Center. Seaborne's schedule at the international airport will allow connections with flights arriving at and departing from San Juan from U.S. mainland gateways. Flights will depart the U.S. Virgin…

Puerto Rico Hotels Still Developing

Hoteliers in Puerto Rico continue to expand and improve offerings of top brands, services and amenities by pouring an estimated $2.1 billion into new developments over the next several years and $350 million into renovation and expansion projects throughout the island, according to Ana Maria Viscasillas, president and CEO of…