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10 Caribbean Cocktails to Celebrate National Rum Punch Day

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Rum Punch from Kalookies
Rum Punch from Kalookies
September 20 is National Rum Punch Day in the United States. A signature cocktail in the Caribbean, rum punch has brought joy to many who live on the islands and many more who have visited. Tourism is a vital part of the Caribbean islands and it is important we focus on the experiences, tastes and adventures that the islands have to offer as we rebuild. Rum punch is most commonly found filled to the brim with two types of rum, grenadine, and both pineapple and orange juice.

The drink exemplifies the local Caribbean culture by using fresh local juices, liquors and artistry when creating the cocktail. The team has tried many rum punches across the islands, in addition to some other Caribbean cocktail favorites. We set out to find the most popular Caribbean drink of those living in the US. The Mojito won across every state besides Alabama and Mississippi against runners up like Pina Colada, Mai Tai, and the Cuba Libre. Rum punch landed at the number 10 spot for favorite Caribbean cocktail overall.
Traditional Rum Punch Recipe:

  • ¼ oz lime juice2 oz orange juice

  • 2 oz pineapple juice

  • ¾ oz dark rum

  • ¾ oz light rum

  • Grenadine sinker for the bottom of the glass

See what the favorite Caribbean cocktail in your state is below (we’ve excluded mojito from the map):

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