Power Snorkeling in Grand Turk!

Underwater exploration is one of my many passions, so of course I jumped at the chance to give power snorkeling a try.  Thom and I signed up for a tour with the company, Chukka, on Grand Turk.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect going in to the tour, which made for an exciting ride to the terminal. 

The whole thing started off with an informative open-air bus ride through the island towards the beach.  The driver pointed out all of the buildings and areas filled with Grand Turk history that was on the way, providing an excellent introduction to the island for any new visitors.  Plus the drive was gorgeous.

We then made it to the hub where we met the day’s guide, JC.  Thank goodness he was just as eager to get us out to the water, because after a quick safety and schedule rundown, we were in the boat and off to our destination, the nearby continental shelf. 

Within minutes, we had arrived and were in the water with our handheld SeaDoo motors.  JC had us get the feel for them, and I was impressed with how much easier it was to swim and navigate with than I thought.  All it took was some subtle steering and I was going exactly where I wanted to go (not crashing into the wall of the shelf or other people like I half-expected!).

The actual exploration was magnificent.  This shelf area is home to so many beautiful fish and sea creatures, and I know I was able to see more than usual because of the motor.  Within the 2 hours at sea, I spotted several stingrays and sea turtles and Thom pointed out the barracuda hanging around.  He and I would “race” every now and then with our motors - they aren’t meant for speed, just extra propelling, so it wasn’t much of a race at all - and I would find a fish to follow and keep up with for a bit before focusing on something else. The power that the motor provided was seriously a snorkeling game changer.

Eventually the 2 hours were up and we were back to the shore.  Everyone in our group, myself included, was satisfied and tired and ready to eat.  Luckily there were some restaurant options right off the beach, and Thom and I settled on a Mexican restaurant where we talked about the trip and what I want for my next birthday (hint: it"s a snorkeling motor).

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