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Sep 23, 2014

Diving with Dougie in Anguilla!

When we have a chance to go diving, Thom and I almost always jump on it.  And for diving trips in Anguilla, Doug “Dougie” Carty is the “go to” guy. …

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Aug 26, 2014

Kite Surfing on Anguilla: an Unforgettable Experience

Anguilla is an amazing vacation destination known for its beautiful beaches, luxury accommodations, and amazing food but did you know that it’s also a popular spot for kitesurfing enthusiasts? Shawna…

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conch shell sign
conch shell sign
Oct 11, 2013

Top 9 Caribbean Bucket List Items - What’s Your #10?

Whether it’s a neatly organized Pinterest board, a scratched up legal pad list or a multi-page journal entry, most of us have crafted some sort life “wish list” of accomplishments…

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Dec 11, 2009

Temenos Golf Course on Anguilla Reopens!

On December 19, 2009 the Temenos Golf Club on Anguilla will proudly reopen!!! The price to tourist for a round of golf will be US$225.00 from that date through the…

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